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    Talking Top Shooter

    I know its a bit late to be bragging but hey...

    The first JROTC drill, rifle and strength team competition of the year and of course everything I participated in got 1st . I shot a 259/300 to recieve top shooter in the sporter class (the class without all the extra shooting gear). My team also got 1st place overall in sporter AA class and strength team won 1st after the first 2 events and we didn't even have to do the mile run according to Gunny . I only hope that this continues .

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    Congratulations, kiddo!

    Keep up the good work.

    Now get down and gimme twenty!

    Ya been doin' yer home werk fer goin' to boot? Ya know, readin all that stuff I posted in the Poolee Hall, and the Marine Mentor forum? Don't ferget the CMC's recommended reading list!

    Yer just gettin' started big whip! Stay focused!

    Well done.

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    It must be ESP. I was looking at the posts today, and felt that you hadn't been here for awhile.

    And now, here you are.

    A line that I use, borrowed/stolen from a long ago movie is:

    "No brag. Just fact."

    Now, if I were your coach, we'd be talking about the 41 points you missed.

    I'd be talking, you'd be listening, and you'd miss the tears of pride that I could not hide.

    I hope your parents were there. For you, and for them.

    Mike Farrell
    Cagayan de Oro

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    Thanks for the compliments guys! I wish my parents were there though...they came to a competition once last year and said watching us shoot was like watching the grass grow (I'm not going to argue there). Besides they had something more important to do by watching my little brother wrestle. They were there for me when I was younger like my brother and now its his turn I guess. Its okay though .

    Firstsgtmike: Yes, I'm back . Major and I did talk about the points I missed too lol. We figured out that I could have easilly picked up a good 8 points on my targets which is something I'll have to try and fix in January.

    Wrbones: I've been reading up on a book called Flags of Our Fathers. It's a book about the people who raised the flag on Iwo Jima and it was wrote by the son of one of the flag raisers. I like it so far .

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    I was fortunate enough to have read _Flags of Our Fathers_ as part of an honors sociology class at USF this past fall. It's a great book. I found the thought staggering when, after having read the 400 page book, I realized that I had only begun to meet maybe less than 2 dozen characters, and yet more than 6000 men died to take Iwo. So many untold stories remain... never to be heard.

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    I was also fortunate to read Flags of Our Fathers, as recreational reading. I think that you guys would also like two books on a Marine Sniper, Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock II. The books are Silent Warrior, and also 93 Confirmed Kills; both by Charles Henderson. These are two excellent books and I think that you would find them intriguing Seeley. Just my thoughts...


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    Those are good books kids. You'll find a lot more book lists posted on this forum. Including stuff you'll want to know when ya get to boot!

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    Talking SHOOTING AT A TARGET IS ONE THING...........

    But shooting at the enemy is another thing, you might be saving the lives of your Brother Marines and/or you own. Think about it.
    I knew a Marine who barely shot Marksman, but in combat he was one of the best shooters I have ever seen. Two different situations, think about it.

    Red Dragon aka HL

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    That's why I like to go paintballing whenever I can. Shows you how fast someone can go down when things get hairy.

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    Ya know, the fact that my life may depend on my emotional and psychological ability to shoot the enemy someday (yes, even though I'm a female) is exactly why I've chosen to abstain from paintballing. I don't want my subconscious to get into the habit that when I'm running around shooting at people, it's a game.

    It just doesn't seem worth it to me. The way I see it, boot camp is specifically designed to prepare recruits, even females, in the basics of war, whether they're going 0300, 0100, 1800, or 5800. Now, I haven't been there yet, so I don't know squat. But I've never heard anything of paintball being part of Grass Week or Rifle Quals.

    Maybe I'm looking at things too seriously. But then, paintballing is illegal in Israel. Why? Because all Israelis, male and female, serve in the military once they turn 18.

    I'm not trying to say that paintball is the root of all evil, I'm simply posting my perspective on it.

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    And I thank you for your perspective . I just like paintball because it gives you a respect for how things work. My dad and I have gone together on a few occasions and he showed me some of the concealment training he learned and advancement tactics as well. One time we were at an indoor facility and he showed me how to clear rooms with some of my friends. So yeah, I guess paintball could be a bad thing if you were to go psycho but then again I don't have any plans to .

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    2004 & Seeley;

    I've never thought about it before. I've never seen paintball, though I've heard about it.

    I think you both make a good point.

    It's like penny-ante poker. If you play,saying what the hell, worst thing that can happen is I'll lose a dollar for the night. I guarantee you will learn bad poker habits.

    If you treat each penny like $100, and losing one hand can cost you your rent money, then you play differently.

    If paintball is no more than, hey the worst thing that can happen is a trip to the laundermat, I guarantee you will pick up bad habits.

    If a daub of paint means, holy sh it, I would've been dead. THEN you can begin to learn the finer points of the "game".

    I guess it all depends on how you look at it. Penny ante poker or paintball, two games from which you can learn how to win, or how to lose.

    I've played penny ante, and invited some of the players to join me in a high stakes game. And some of the players, I just didn't want to mess with.

    The same thing would apply if I were playing paintball. Some I would invite to a game with live bullets, and others, I wouldn't want to mess with.

    So I think you're both right. Therefore....learn from each other.

    Every encounter is a learning experience. You learn what to do and how to do it, OR what NOT to do and how to avoid it.

    Computers have shown us how really simple life is. Every gate is either a 0 or a 1, either open or closed, on or off. Boolean logic, if this, then that; if not this, then not that. Up or down, either or.

    If that's too far ahead of the game for you, then let's leave it at penny ante poker and paintball.

    Mike Farrell
    Cagayan de Oro

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    As I wade through all the posts and the PaintBall and the PennyAnte stuff, Congrats.

    Glad you did so well.


    Richard B. Greene
    J A M

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    First Sgt- Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It didn't fall on deaf ears -- or at least not mine.

    Seely- I had never thought about adding tactical training to a game of paintball. My Civil Air Patrol unit does some tactical training, but we use training M16A1s (they're rubber, yet realistically weighted). It's outstanding! Tactical training days are definitely right up there on the list of the best days of my short life.

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    Paintball is a GAME!! Great physical training good for raising morale and alot of fun. But using it to train for combat useless paintballs travel at speeds less than 300 ft/sec. bullets travel at speed greater than 2500 ft/sec. in paintball you can hide behind a bush for cover in combat not even a telephone pole will help much. Like the first sgt. said it will develop bad habits, and in combat bad habits not only mean you will lose, but you will die!
    even habits like smoking and drinking! and if you die in combat because of a bad habit you will unevitably cause the death of more Marines. thats probably why the Marines do not hold paint ball wars for training. Although they do use a laser system called miles but i will not get into that right now it will only cause me to rant.
    nonetheless congrats on the marksmanship victory that is for real training keep up the good work good marksmanship is the key to winning battles all the fire and movement drills in the world won't help if you can't hit the broad side of a barn!

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