Operation Starlite 1965 Chu Lai
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    Operation Starlite 1965 Chu Lai

    Looking for any Corpsman who was with 1/4 1st Regiment on 31Aug65. at Chu Lai during Operation Starlite. Lt. Mitchel was the platoon leader
    Cpl Eddie Beesley was on point.

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    wpreddog54======1/4 was not on operation Starlite. 2/4 was on the op. By 31Aug65 Starlite was over. It started on 18Aug65 and went on for about8-9 days at the most. Sgt. GG young Whiskey 3/12 attached to 2/4 on Starlite. We were the only arty on site of op.

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    Thank you for your correction and response. Was 1/4 1st regiment Delta Co. at Chu Lai towards the end of August? I have a friend of mine, Eddie Beesley, who was there at that time and lost his legs in an explosion there. I believe they were to have been on patrol or something around the airfield there that the SeeBees had built almost right on the beach. I am trying desperately to find the corpsman who saved Eddie's life that day. Eddie wrote a book and he stated that there was a senior non-combat experienced Corpsman who freaked out when he saw Eddie and a younger combat experienced Corpsman was the one he remembers before he passed out. You are the closest person I have found with any real knowledge on this matter and any help would be greatly appreciated. Eddie and his wife spend their time and efforts in traveling around the country, visiting military hospitals and spending time with the young Marines who are coming back from Iraq and have been wounded. Please refer to Eddie's web site www.luckyenoughthebook.com
    His story is a moving and compelling one which encourages anyone who reads it that they can accomplish their goals in life no matter what barriers they may have to overcome.
    Thank you for your time and assistance.
    Phil "Doc" Cottrell

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    wpreddog54============Try this 1stbn4thmarines.com if nothing get back to me. 1/4 was who I landed wiht on 7May65 at Chu Lai of of the Prinston. At that time we were still the old 1st Marine Brgade.

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    Try this www.geocities.com/delta14_1965/index.html this sight is run by Red Dog Roberts. He was a squad leader in 1st Plt. He may be able to help you.
    Semper Fi
    Phil B.

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