Overseas or East West Coast
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    Overseas or East West Coast

    What the up's and down's of being in stationed in Okinawa and also for the West and East Coast?

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    It all depends on you really, what you like and don't like to do, etc. Some guys hated overseas assignments and some (like me) thrived in them and never wanted to be stationed stateside. East & West Coast just think about what kinds of things you like to do for recreation, what kind of weather you like etc. As far as overseas, are you comfortable living in a country where the native language isn't your own and where you have many restrictions on you due to status of forces agreements, etc. Ultimately, it often doesn't much matter what you put down as a preference as the Marine Corps still has the final say and even if you get the one you want, depending on your MOS/Unit, you could end up deployed somewhere else! I wouldn't work to hard on this one, just make a choice and see what happens. No matter where you end up, take advantage of what ever opportunities to see and do the local culture and activities that come up as that may be the only time in your life you'll ever be there.

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    If your looking to get promoted faster and see more your better off wanting to be a 0311(grunt,groundpounder) I had No regrets as a infrantryman, made E-4 in 13 mths, meritoriously on all ranks, was in 15 different countries and had fun in each and everyone. You might have goals set for the day when you decide to get out but whatever field you choose just having put on your resume that you are a MARINE will carry far in the work force, but dont forget you also want to have a clean record, PRO'S/CON'S marks. If you go to oki right after boot more then likely you'll be going out on the WES-PAC float, countries such as HONG KONG,JAPAN,PHILLIPHINES,KOREA,TIAWAN, AUSTRALIA, and who knows where. What you really want though is to go in and Being the BEST MARINE you can be, stay focused,absorb what you are taught,apply yourself and dont be scared to volunteer.GOOD LUCK in whatever route you choose to take in your MARINE CORPS life.

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    If you are not likely to travel overseas without the Marine Corps, you may want to entertain going overseas. Lots to see and experience. Plus, not many friends from home will have that same opportunity. You can always go to Cali or the Carolinas later. I didn't want to go overseas my first tour, but I did. I had so much fun and got to see other parts of the world that people I went to high school with have only read about in newspapers and magazines.

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    I agree with Ssgt Sixguns. Take a look at the map where Okinawa is located. Then check the surrounding areas. Thailand,Phillipines,South Korea,Singapore,Hong Kong,Australia,etc.. .If you go to Okinawa chances are you will get the privilege of visiting one of these countries. Depending on Mos and other things of course. I was in Okinawa for 3 1/2 years and visited all of the countries on deployment with the exception of Australia. How many of your buddies back home can say they have been there? I would suggest trying to get OKI unless you have a family ie wife and kids back home. Good Luck,Bige1371

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    yeah no kidding - even us women had fun in Japan - I was in Iwakuni for a year and had a BLAST! You would have thought I was 17 or something! There's so much DIFFERENT things to see and do and there ain't too many folks back in Podunk, SC that can say that.

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    Awsome I will put some thought on it when I'm not preparing for boot camp. More than likely I will want to go to Okinawa or just stay here in NC.

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    I was on the West Coast. Went on 2 westpacs and travelled all over the world. Great time , good training , partied and drank everywhere we went. Then when your stateside your living in Cali so you had the whole coastline as your playground. Never was in Oki so I cant realy compare it. That and you had all the California girls.....Ahhhhhmazing.

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    Right now I am about 14 months into a 2 year tour in Okinawa, and I love it here. I've had a great time experiencing cultures in different countries that I never would have gone to if not for the Marine Corps, and learned a lot. It sucks being away from home sometimes, and you miss certain things about the states, but if you don't have a wife/kids back home then it is well worth it. There are even lots of Americans that live here as civilians now after being stationed here as a Marine. If you have the right attitude about it, it can be a great thing. The only big drawback I've seen is that you MUST keep your nose clean here. Being overseas means that even committing a "small" crime or offense off base can mean getting into much more trouble than doing the same thing would if you were in the states, so be careful.

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