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    New to the site.

    I was just surfing on the internet, " , well Oorah! to that!"

    Anywho, HM3 Shawn Matthews here. I was attatched to 3rd Batallion 3rd Marines. I'm on hospital detail now (well when I get back)

    Both parent's Marines (retired) My dad's a Staff, mom left as a Sgt. Proudly fixing devil dogs since 2004. Very glad to be here.

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    Welcome Aboard Doc, you will be at home here.

    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Well thank you, Sir. Figured I would be.

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    Welcome Aboard Doc...!!

    There is always room for a good Doc here on Leatherneck. Put you pack in the corner, grab a cold one and lets shoot the sh*&.

    Semper Fi

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    Hey doc, you got any motrin?

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    Welcome aboard Corpsman. We are proud and blessed to have you join us.

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    Hey Doc I got a hang over!! Got anything for it? Welcome abroad pleasure having you

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    Hey Doc,do you have a MCLeague close to where your at, if you didnt know or if you havent you can join a MCleague Det. in your area. Outsstanding group of active/reserve/ and old salts to associate with 1x a mth.

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    Thank you for all you do for the Corps and country.
    Glad you are here. Welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by outlaw3179
    Hey doc, you got any motrin?
    LOL , that's what I was gave when i broke my femurs!

    Welcome , I always thought Corpmen were cool.

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    Stanley Hroszow
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    The three that were in the same company I was in were ok to they tought ma to take my pills straight with out water or any thing to drink. so welcome

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    Unicorn Poki
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    May I Ask? Marines like his doctors? Well, I mean respect and proud of?

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    Unicorn Poki,

    Damn right Marines like our "Doc's" These guys save our butts when we are injured and they get all the respect we can give them. They go into battle right alongside us and they have earned many honors while serving with Marines. They proudly wear our uniforms and share our traditions. These Doc's who have served with Marines are treated as Marines and nothing less...

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