I don't believe it is a place. I believe it's a state of mind.

I have too many questions when I think about the accepted picture of heaven, reunited with your loved ones, families together again, etc. etc.

I've had two families, two wives, two families I have cherished. How would they get along together? Wife #1 would not recognize me as I am, and wife #2 would not recognize me as I was.

It's more probable that neither one would accept the change. And that would be hell.

No. Heaven is a state of mind, inner peace and contentment. It's NOT something you wait to find as a reward after you die. It's a reason for living, to continue enjoying.

It is equally impossible to logically prove the existence of God, as it is to prove His non-existence. Acception or rejection is a matter of faith.

Whether we believe, or do not believe, has absolutely nothing to do with whether He actually exists or not.

I chose, a long time ago, to live my life, regardless. Therefore, if something happened, to convince me, one way or the other, there is NOTHING I would change.

I gave up NOTHING, for fear that ....... . I did/do NOTHING because.... . So, if proof was given, there is nothing to change.

Therefore, I believe that IF there is a hereafter, I will have a place in it. And, if there is not, I have had my 'heaven' on earth.

For financial purposes, I would prefer a Viking funeral. Push me out in the bay in a rowboat, and set it on fire. If I miss that, and there is a tombstone, I want it to read:

He GAVE more than he took.
And those whose lives he touched, owe him.

To me, that's a nice legacy to leave behind. People trying to get even, after I'm gone.

Can heaven be any better than that?