All of the overseas bases
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    All of the overseas bases

    I know that there are bases overseas in Japan, but are there anymore? For example: Germany or England. I know that the other forces have bases in these countries I was just wondering if the Marines did also. Thanks for the information. Takecare.

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    Thank you! It was alot of help.

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    I would just add that Marine Security Guards are present at the embassy in every nation that we have diplomatic relations with. Thus, there is a small "base" in just about every country out there.

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    Also depends on your MOS

    Keep in mind that depending on your MOS, you might be assigned to bases that are run by other services, I was frequently stationed on Army bases in Korea as there were no Marine bases there. Lots of 26xx types I worked with also worked at NSGA (Naval Security Group Activities) around the world in places you wouldn't think Marines were. The same can be said of other MOS's as well.

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    Thank you for all the information Marines!

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