Joining with physical disability...
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    Joining with physical disability...

    As the title states, I'm wondering what is the extent that the Corps, or any other parts of the military, will accept and sign on those with a disability? That's one question. The second is more specific:

    Is it possible for a paraplegic to join, or work side-by-side with the Corps? I know there are always certain circumstances where, because of the current situation, some laws are bypassed. I don't know if it could happen, but one possible example could be that the individual is so intelligent in a current field that that particular branch needs, and waves him/her in to fulfill that position.

    Is that possible? Are there any written laws within the military that alludes to such a possibility?

    Im currently going through some books that Im reading at Books A Million, but thought Id write here in hopes that someone can help out.

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    Part of the military includes physical capabilities. That being the case, I do not see how anyone with such a severe medical problem could serve in the military. In the Marine Corps in particular, every Marine is a rifleman first. No amount of knowledge in a given field can change that simple rule, and such a disability would prevent a person from being able to act as a rifleman.

    As for working as a civillian with the Marine Corps, I am sure that could be done. I came into contact with many civillian workers that were experts in their field. I believe these people were hired by the equipment manufacturers, and not the Marine Corps, but they were still around. With a great knowledge in a particular area, I do not see why you could not fill one of those jobs.

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