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    0621 MOS question

    Hello Marines. I'm going to boot June 5th(monday) in pursuit of my dream o being a MArine. The MOS I chose is 0621 Feild Radio Operator. I just had a few questions about them. I was on the military.about.com website and read up on the 06 MOS' and mine and everything but I;m looking for more real life experience I guess. Like what is it exactly that you do under this MOS. Are the 0621's the ones with the radios on there backs running around with the units? Whats the training like at 29 Palms? Any help with some real life experiences is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Lorix is a recent grad of the radio school at 29 Palms, so maybe she will answer your question. 0621 was my secondary MOS (it was called 2531 until about a week before I got out though). I was selected to attend a follow on school and my primary MOS was 0622 (2532) multichannel radio operator. I then served as an 0621 in the reserve for a short time after I got out, so I do know a little about the MOS.

    To try to answer your questions, yes you will be the person with a radio on your back, assuming you are sent to a unit that operates like that. You could be assigned to an infantry unit, or to an air wing communications unit, and everything in between. Your job may consist of providing single channel radio communications for a large complex of communications assets, or you could be walking with a pack on your back, it all depends on your orders. The training at MCCES in 29 Palms is pretty basic, but teaches you the fundamentals. You will know how to set up and operate a wide range of radio sets, some of which you may never see again if you get orders to a infantry unit. You will also get used to running in the sand, which is always fun.

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    Ok thank you for the help. Im going into the reserves after boot and once I finally achieve my dream of being in the Marines and my Staff Sgt.(head of the recruiting office I am going out of) has said I'd most likely be in an artillery unit. Thanks again for the help.

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