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Thread: Tourettes

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    Hello there

    I have been wondering for quite some time about this question. Back when I was 5, I was diagnosed with tourettes. Like some people, the symptoms have ceased, and I no longer require medication for it. The question is: Will I still be disqualified from the USMC if I explain this to them? I have not found anything relating to Tourettes in the medical disqualification manual, but I must be sure about this. Thank you very much, and I appreciate those of you who help me out, and who understand that this disorder is actually very common and sometimes goes unnoticed due to minority of symptoms.

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    I appreciate you asking this question and thank you for joining the Leathneck Forums and your interest in The United States Marine Corps. I know that this isn't quite the answer to your question but here goes. Excessive studdering or stammering isn't exceptable. But it can be treated. Tourettes like your has been succesfully treated and I am glad for that. If you are interested you need to get your documentation(s) in order and possibly a re-evaluation of you former condition. This could be very embarrasing to you if you would happen to have a relapse and recruit training isn't a place that you want to draw attention to yourself.

    Thank you

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