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    Smile Advice needed from sniper(s)

    First of all, I would like to present my self and my situation. currently, I am not able to qualify for scout sniper school due to a red/green color defieciency. although many people have succesfully bypassed the color test (probably illegally), it is not of my interest to do this as well if it were to present a high risk to my clean record of a US citizen. Personally, i would like to achieve an MOS that relates the most to sniper-based/concealed-longrange shooting operations. also, these MOS's must be available to people with color deficiency. The force recon is available as my first choice, but im looking for more of a psychological/longrange shooting type of job in USMC. what are your suggestions, and how would I be able to qualify for this type of MOS? If it is of any help, I am going to post a second topic in this section that lists my personal qualities that could be of use to certain MOS's, and might help you to help me find the right one. it will be titled "Sniper advice CONTD." thank you, and feel free to reply in either one.

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    I would reccomend You read the first 4 posts in this area..


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    First, unless they have changed things, Force is closed to people that are color blind as well. (Trust me, I've been through it myself). If you really want to be a sniper, look into the Army. At last check, they only recommended that people have normal color vision to serve as snipers, it was not mandatory.

    I don't know what job you think would act like a sniper without being one, but it doesn't exist. To be a sniper, you need to be a sniper. I think the best thing you could do in the Marines is be an infantryman, and try to get an 0311 spot. It is as close as I can see you getting to what you want to do.

    Sorry to not be able to help, but that's how it is. I had to go through it myself, so I know it isn't fun, but it is life.

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    Well...he could be a grunt and try to become a Designated Marksman. I'm not real familiar with it but I know it exists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedrifter
    I would reccomend You read the first 4 posts in this area..

    WHAT!!! You mean search about rather than having folks do the job for me and actually follow the rules?

    Oh yeah, I've noticed that bunches of the young ones think, I suppose rightly so, that Recon and Snipers is such a glorified position. Aim into the thick of things, haul a 46 full of body bags, carry a stretcher. Those type of things will turn your life around.

    Here's what you gotta do. 1st the yellow footprints, 2nd beat Lorix at arm wrestling, and 3rd, enjoy yourself at 15 yo. Hump the blonde English teacher. Don't tell your friends. instead of doing things that will grow hair on your palms.


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