2/4 jarheads 80-84...where are you ????
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    2/4 jarheads 80-84...where are you ????

    looking for the bastards of 2/4

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    My dad was in 2/4 from 81-85 his name is mike dudash

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    Head Bastard of Second Platoon, Fox Company and later STA Platoon, 2/4

    Feel free to contact me through this service or directly at frankfisher1@msn.com.


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    The Kingdom of Nye

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    I was Magnificent Bastard!

    Fox Company, Wpns Plt (0331) from '86 - '89.

    OP: Missed your dates by < > this much.

    Frank, you and I probably did "Team Spirit" '87 together, if you went to Oki with us in '87, although I don't recognize your name.

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    I was In the Engineer Detachment from 3rd Combat ENGR BTN Bravo Co. to Fox Co. 2/4 from 80 to 81 here.

    Semper FI!

    We have two companies of Marines running rampant all over the northern half of this island, and three Army regiments pinned down in the southwestern corner, doing nothing. What the hell is going on? [Gen. John W. Vessey Jr., USA, Chairman of the the Joint Chiefs of Staff; during the assault on Grenada, 1983]

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    390 Mach I --

    I left 2/4 in April 1987 (orders back to the Drill Field). Because I had orders, I stayed back as you pumped out for Okinawa. Col Carter took over from Jahne around the same time.

    I became a Bastard in January 1984 with 2nd Platoon, Fox Co. SSgt Smith was the 1st Plt Sgt and Gunny Lege had Weapons Platoon (drawing a blank on 3rd Platoon). Shadley was the Co Gunny. The 1stSgt was McVey and the SgtMaj was Lee. I used to hang out with Brian McMurtrie and Dave (?) Baumgardner.

    In January 1985 I went to Ranger School and when I got back I was assigned as the STA Platoon Commander (Sgt Knarian was the Plt Sgt). We deployed to Okinawa, the Philippines, Norway, Bridgeport, Ft Ripley, and a few other off the wall places (we did a bunch of training with the 82nd airborne at Ft Bragg--they had a pretty high tech urban assualt course for us).

    Your username doesn't mean anything to me, so I don't know who I'm corresponding with. As I said in my first posting, you're welcome to contact me directly through my personal email at frankfisher1@msn.com

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    I was 2/4 golf co in 1979 i was at fuji when we lost our brothers, but not our guts, GUT'S 2/4 2nd plt 2nd squad squad leader lcpl alvarado. Urahh!!

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    I was with 2/4 80 to 84. I was on Oki and to Camp LuJ and back to Oki. I was in Robin Sag and 29 Pul. I was in 2nd Plt and moved to Wpns.

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    It was *PARty tiME* in Jan 1985 because 2/4 the Magnificent Bastards FINALLY returned home to its Regiment 4TH Marines at Camp Schawb....steaks and burgers that day !

    We participated in Team Spirit 85 9(Jan-Apr) as we served aboard an LST with Korea's finest ROK Marines ..then onward to Camp Fuji

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