2/4 jarheads 80-84...where are you ????
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    2/4 jarheads 80-84...where are you ????

    looking for the bastards of 2/4

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    My dad was in 2/4 from 81-85 his name is mike dudash

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    Head Bastard of Second Platoon, Fox Company and later STA Platoon, 2/4

    Feel free to contact me through this service or directly at frankfisher1@msn.com.


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    I was Magnificent Bastard!

    Fox Company, Wpns Plt (0331) from '86 - '89.

    OP: Missed your dates by < > this much.

    Frank, you and I probably did "Team Spirit" '87 together, if you went to Oki with us in '87, although I don't recognize your name.

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    I was In the Engineer Detachment from 3rd Combat ENGR BTN Bravo Co. to Fox Co. 2/4 from 80 to 81 here.

    Semper FI!

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    390 Mach I --

    I left 2/4 in April 1987 (orders back to the Drill Field). Because I had orders, I stayed back as you pumped out for Okinawa. Col Carter took over from Jahne around the same time.

    I became a Bastard in January 1984 with 2nd Platoon, Fox Co. SSgt Smith was the 1st Plt Sgt and Gunny Lege had Weapons Platoon (drawing a blank on 3rd Platoon). Shadley was the Co Gunny. The 1stSgt was McVey and the SgtMaj was Lee. I used to hang out with Brian McMurtrie and Dave (?) Baumgardner.

    In January 1985 I went to Ranger School and when I got back I was assigned as the STA Platoon Commander (Sgt Knarian was the Plt Sgt). We deployed to Okinawa, the Philippines, Norway, Bridgeport, Ft Ripley, and a few other off the wall places (we did a bunch of training with the 82nd airborne at Ft Bragg--they had a pretty high tech urban assualt course for us).

    Your username doesn't mean anything to me, so I don't know who I'm corresponding with. As I said in my first posting, you're welcome to contact me directly through my personal email at frankfisher1@msn.com

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    I was 2/4 golf co in 1979 i was at fuji when we lost our brothers, but not our guts, GUT'S 2/4 2nd plt 2nd squad squad leader lcpl alvarado. Urahh!!

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    I was with 2/4 80 to 84. I was on Oki and to Camp LuJ and back to Oki. I was in Robin Sag and 29 Pul. I was in 2nd Plt and moved to Wpns.

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    It was *PARty tiME* in Jan 1985 because 2/4 the Magnificent Bastards FINALLY returned home to its Regiment 4TH Marines at Camp Schawb....steaks and burgers that day !

    We participated in Team Spirit 85 9(Jan-Apr) as we served aboard an LST with Korea's finest ROK Marines ..then onward to Camp Fuji

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