Switching MOS after Reserves
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    Switching MOS after Reserves

    I am joining the Reserves and my MOS is going to be 2311, Ammo Tech. If you dont know, in the reserves you have little to no choice on your MOS depending on where you live. So my question is, once I am through with college I should have about 2 years left as a reservist. How hard is it to switch your MOS and go into active duty for the remainder of your time? I would like to go into Infantry after college.

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    From what I have seen in the past, going from Reserve to Active isn't the easiest thing in the world. The people I have known that did it had no choice in their MOS, they were assigned as the needs of the Corps saw fit. If they didn't agree to that condition, they would not have been able to move to Active Duty.

    That being said, you WILL NOT be able to become a grunt. With four years time in service you would be senior to many Marines that have spent a lot of time training and preparing. In the infantry, that won't work. If you want to be a grunt then sign up and be a grunt. The only way you can LAT move into the infantry that I know of is to be on active duty and seperate, then go into the reserve as a infantryman.

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    Hmm..oh well, thanks for the help.

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    There may be another way...if you finish your degree, apply for a commission and go through OCS and TBS. You may not get to be an infantry officer, but you will at least have a shot at it.

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    Curt, the Capt is 100% correct. I do not know why I failed to mention that you would be eligible for a commission (assuming your service in the reserve and your grades are both excellent) and could bring you to a new side of the Corps, and a chance at being an infantry officer.

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    Yea, thats what I've been thinking about doing after the reserves. But I would like to get some time in Infantry as enlisted..which doesnt seem possible now.

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    Heres kind of an add on question for LDO Capt: How long did it take you to go from Second Lieutenant to Captain? Is it just kind of like an automatic promotion like Private to PFC and to Lance Corporal? I read some stuff on about.com about officer promotions but it wasn't very clear.

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    Never been a 2nd Lt.

    I am a Limited Duty Officer (LDO). I have never been,nor wanted to be, a 2nd Lt. I was enlisted up to Gunnery Sergeant, selected to the Warrant Officer program to CWO3, and selected to the LDO program where you go straight to Captain. I've stayed in my MOS Aviation Ordnance (IYAOYAS) my entire career.
    Capt G

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    Oh ok...I've never heard of the LDO program until now.

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    Sir, I have an off topic question, but you're in the position to be able to answer. What does IYAOYAS mean? I have wanted to know that for the longest time, but never thought to ask someone when I saw it posted.

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    It is a acroynm within the MOS meaning "If You Ain't Ordnance, You Ain't

    Aviation Ordnance types are a tight MOS, in fact we are the only MOS within the Corps that celebrates its own birthday (25 April 1922) in addition to the Marine Corps birthday.

    Capt G

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