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    Unhappy Contract Question

    I signed my MOS contract today. My recuiter told me I would get combat engineer when I when I went to MEPS. Now he says that I'm in a group (construction/utilites 1100/1300). And this means I could get 1 of 11 MOS Some of them I have no idea what they are. He said The Marines choose now and I don't have a choice within the 11.

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    Is there a question mark in there somewhere?

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    Sorry. So should I have a choice of the 11 MOS?

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    You don't sign up for an MOS, but for an MOS field. I would guess you could get it narrowed down to one of the two fields, but you do not get to select your exact MOS. Needs of the Corps come first.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NO - YOU don't get your choice of squat............need of the Corps dude...............sorry.

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    You have to remember that when you enlisted what you enlisted for that is to become one of the Few and the Proud and to be called a Marine. No one will ever be able to take that away. As for the MOS you should ask your recruiter (I hate that word) he is a Marine on recruiting duty, ask him to explain the MOS's within the program that you enlisted for. Once he explains them you will understand that all the mos's have something to do with the field that you wanted to go into. Just to give you a heads up I am a Career Recruiter out of Kansas. Make sure to ask the Marine all the questions you can. Good luck with your future endevors.

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