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    Engineering field question

    I am shipping out on July 24th, 2006 and I was just curious if anyone can give me an idea on how long the marine school of engineering lasts? Also, what is the odds of coming out of the Marines as an engineer and getting a job? Would it be easy to find a job coming out as an engineer?

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    I was not a 13xx but here's the official website for The Marine Corps Engineer School at MCB Camp Lejeune North Carolina;

    We have many Marines that served in that MOS here so I will let them answer your questions better. What I can gather from the site is that your school will consist of 36 training days.

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    It's easy to get a job coming out of the Corps with JUST the title of Marine - soon as someone sees that on your resume, you can pretty much land anything you want. It won't even matter WHAT you did in the Corps - your employer will know that you have discipline in your bones and he'll be able to depend on you.

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    Really, Marine84? That is weird because a few places I applied at looked at my resume and said "well there is not much on here". So I guess It depends on where you live. Keith the combat engineering field can be a very challenging and exciting job. You can either work with explosives, do construction projects, build bridges, or a combination of all three. It depends on where you get stationed. I would say if you get stationed at a unit where you do a lot of construction you would have a great chance of landing a good job when you decide to get out. If you work with explosives you can still get a job in Law enforcement or other careers. Good luck, Bige1371

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    yes hasn't been hard for me at all. Maybe I'm just battin' my eyes faster or something . When I got out in 88 I took a month off just to adjust to being a civilian again. The first job I applied for, I got hired for the next day. Anybody that's ever seen it on my resume thought it was an awesome thing.

    I see you live in Brooklyn? Maybe it has something to do with where YOU live.

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