Would like some info regarding the Intel Specialist MOS
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    Question Would like some info regarding the Intel Specialist MOS


    I am interested in the Intelligence Specialist MOS. Now, I have read quite a bit on it, however, I am still shady in some areas.

    A few of my questions...

    1) After Intel Schooling in Virginia Beach, VA, where would I go from there? I read that schooling is 10weeks, but I assume to gain the full knowledge (if that is possible) it would have to go on to further education.

    2) After Education/Schooling, what would I be doing?...I dont what to be in an office all day, but I cant see what else I would be doing. So does anyone know what an IS would be doing after schooling to complete his/her remaining term.

    Thanks for the help
    Shane Leon

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    Been there done that Just hoping someone who was in the field could possibly give some insight.

    Go to MEPS Monday, the 16th...Ive heard some interesting stories about MEPS from friends and my recruiter

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    MEPS is all kinds of fun! Cookies and koolaid. Everyone sayin' yessir and no ma'am to ya! They'll get ya anything ya want! King for a day!

    It ain't a big deal. Just jump thru the hoops is all.

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    LOL...prolly the only time I'll ever hear that. Then at boot, I get to reverse the roles!

    Jump through the hoops eh?

    Bend over and spread the cheeks is what I was told...

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