"One Day Like Today"---
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    "One Day Like Today"---

    1975---NVA capture Saigon; Vietnam war ended.

    After all we gave there---what a bite in the a$$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greensideout
    1975---NVA capture Saigon; Vietnam war ended.

    After all we gave there---what a bite in the a$$.
    When I left, we were winning!!

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigalholmes165
    When I left, we were winning!!

    Me too! And all that followed us. That's the point!

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    A very sad day May 1, 1975, lets never forget those who were killed, maimed and missing for they paid the highest price. And may it never happen to our brave warriors again.

    Never Forget!

    Semper Fi

    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    The politicians screwed up the Vietnam war---why would you trust them now?

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    April 30th 1975

    I agree with all said here. On April 30th, 1975, (my date of Marriage, April 30th) the last Marine GySgt left the roof top of Saigon, waiting very scared for two hours, that a chopper wouldn't come back. The politician's tried to run the war, not unlike, maybe, that is going on in Iraq/Afgan. When I left, yeah, we had it going. What the hell happened? SF

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    Ok, I left mid year 1970 for the second time - after you guys did! And since I'm a Republican and helped put "Tricky Dick" (by proxy) into the hot seat, I guess you can put the blame on us to some degree.
    You guys can't recall all the vets throwing their medals onto the step of Congress - telling them to end the madness?
    We should have paid more attention to the French history - who preceded us in their futile plight 20 years earlier!!
    Whats more important is how we got into Vietnam in the first place. Jack Kennedy just stuck our toe in the bath water to see how hot it was - "This is a test, only a test" - had this been an actual start of a war ?? And then he was shot! Turned out the water was actually quicksand!!
    The real reason that we had to end the war was because someone at Danang was burning garbage over at the bomb dump on the other side of Freedom Hill. It went out of control & blew the sh*t out of everything - 96 mil lost in 3 days. So, no bombs, napalm, rockets etc. - us Airwingers had nothing to load to help out you Grunts!! So, we just all said "Fu*k It! and took off to the E-Club and just started drinking!! Eventually, the Grunts followed suit since without the Airwing they didn't have any way to get to & from the jungle - and no air support!! So they all got together at the E-Club and drank until there was no Hamms beer left. Marines without beer - is like a Marine without a rifle. So the Marines said - "Pi*s on this" and we all left the country in search of more beer in Okinawa. Without the Marines - the Army had to leave - cause they got scared without the Marines! Of course, the Marines had to make the last stand at the Embassy in Saigon , left to destroy the 17 dumptruck loads of classified documents - the last men out - to take our place in History!! I think this about sums it up!! This was verified by a Vietnamese guy I met that runs a pizza shop in Albuquerque. Now you know the "Rest of the Story"!! SF

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    Thumbs up Sum of those were not destoryed or burned

    defect WP Grenades. I know cause I and six guys were to do the dirty deed and we had bad grenades, no gas and had to leave it

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    The politicians are on their way big time to screwing up the Iraq war. It seems the politicians in DC now have as their only priority catering to those who can offer up a vote - they could care less about the folks who voted their fatares into office. We need to get rid of all of them and start over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Really sad, I was way to young to be there, born 8/31/71. Anyway after watching and reading as much as possible on this war I see the American public hurt our war effort as did the politicians. Why we stopped bombing Hanoi I will never understand? We had them with a foot on their necks and then let them up? It's said we lost but the numbers beg to differ , we won a war but lost a political battle.

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