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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete0331 View Post
    The perfect push up is alright, but it only works if you use it in conjunction with an exercise program.
    It does well for targeting the fore arms. Strong fore arms are essential for pistol shooting.

    The perfect pull up looks like a good idea. I'm not sure I want to drop $100 on it though.
    I payed 20 bucks for it and honestly the first 3 times i couldn't get through the work out if you do it right. i normally do 90-100 push ups at a time but i could only max 30 and put it this way mid way through the second 2 minute drill i had to do ***** push ups. Not to mention a lot easier on my joints my arms used to pop during normal ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by drillinstructor View Post
    I have my own pull-up program I did with recruits and it works the best. I have tried them all with the recruits and the most gain I had was by using the below program.

    Depending on the amount of pullups you do right now when u first get on the bar will be your start point.

    Here is the start numbers and I will explain below.

    1-5 (50)
    6-10 (75)
    11-15 (100)
    16-20 (150)

    The number to the left is how many you can do right now and the number in parenthesis is the number of pull-ups you will do for the workout.

    1. Jump on the bar and do a max set You will rest for 60 secs and during that rest do at least 25 crunches but NO PUSHUPS.

    2. Keeping the number you finished with jump back up and do another max set. You will rest again for 60 secs and do your crunches. You continue to do MAX SET each time you get on the bar until you have reached the number in parenthesis.

    Continue your sets no matter how many times you have to get on the bar. Even if you jump up and only do 1, oh well keep doing it.

    If for some reason you can not even do 1 when you get on the bar, take longer rest but if you do this, you better double the workout because you suck.

    Do this every other day for 1 month and then take 4 days off and start again.


    Semper Fi!!!!
    Thank you sir. I will go give it a shot right now and in a month I'll let you know what I'm at. Now I can to 3 but I just started an intense program to help me shed some weight so I can get my pull ups up before I leave for Boot Camp. Once again thank you for this.

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    For the Recon Ron program, can I do sets of push ups throughout the week too? Or should I rest my arms while I am not doing pull ups? I'm starting the program and I would like to continue doing my push ups, but I do not want to hinder any chance of increasing my pull ups by wearing my arms out too much.

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    the drill instructors program really works, it is a lot of work but pays great dividends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drillinstructor View Post
    Believe it or not but there are many good runners and they suck at crunches and pull-ups. A lot of the bigger bellie recruits would do many more crunches yhan the skinny runners, and as for why? I really have no idea but it is the truth.

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    Question drillinstructors Pullup program

    What is the drillinstructors program? Where can I find it?

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    The Recon Ron Pullup Program - GUARANTEED to have you doing 20 pullups

    The Recon Ron Pull-up Program is a fitness workout to get Marines, or anyone else, into shape. This program is guaranteed to enable anybody (that can already do six pull-ups to reach twenty pullups in five months.
    To successfully use the Recon Ron Pull-up Program, one must follow the table below by doing five sets of pull-ups a night except for Sundays. Each set is specified on the table. To start the program, one must first be able to do six pull-ups. Also, all pull-ups must be “Dead Hang” pull-ups, where arms are fully extended before doing another pull-up.

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    If you're doing these programs every day... when do your muscles have time to repair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveOfCountry View Post
    If you're doing these programs every day... when do your muscles have time to repair?
    Do you think you need repair time? I never got any. Must be a new generation thing.

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    Once again, why are we bumping up really old threads?

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    Why does it matter if something getting bumped up? I had a question about this thread... not a new thread. Is it really bothering you that badly?

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    Sparkie, I don't know if I need repair time... that's why I asked. I did 75 pull ups yesterday. My arms are dead. Should I try and do another 75 today, or will that tear muscles and hurt joints?

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