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    I'm currently able to do 16 or so chinups on my first set, dropping down to around 10 by my third set. I have just under 17 weeks before I leave for boot camp and I'd love to be at 20. I've plateau'd somewhat and I'm looking to improve. Can anyone recommend a routine to help me get those last four?

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    Edit: reread MSgt's workout plan. Thanks. Will plan to start that ASAP.

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    when i went to meps, i was doing 12 pullups. that was in november. haven't really worked on them but im up to 17 as of last IST. doing 106 crunches but my run time is my struggle. 1.5 miles is 10 flat. just gotta keep working on all of them

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    Just to clarify you do the sets once a day and once only and then do 5 of the same sets once more the next day, correct?

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    this seems like a really effective way. i joined beginning of november and ship out jan 5th. im 6'3" 210 is muscle and im having a hard time with pullups. i can do the 100crunches and 22min 3mile. but pullups im at 13ish. what can i do seeing i ship really soon

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    I DEP'd in at the end of September 2014 with 6 pull ups. Right now I have 18 pull ups (December 2014) and I still have 3 months before I ship.

    My recruiter told me to get a pull up bar for my room and do pull ups every time I enter and exit the room. I only recently got a pull up bar, but I do have a gym membership to 24 Hour Fitness and some dumbbells at home.

    What I've been working on that I think has helped the most is bicep curls and hammer curls at home. Hammer curls are basically bicep curls with your wrist turned 90 degrees like it's a hammer. The hammer curls not only work your biceps for pull ups, but also strengthens your grip so that you can hit your max without worrying about losing your grip to sweaty palms and whatnot.

    Also at the gym there's this assisted pull/chin up machine that you can adjust the weight to help you do pull ups easier and it'll push you up from your feet. I basically do my max pull ups, rest for like 30 seconds, add the lightest weight assistance and max out again. After each time, add the next lightest weight to assistance and max out every time until you reach 50 pull ups. The goal is to get back up on the pull up bar the least amount of times as possible while maxing out every time. Hope this helps!

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