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    Now at 90 members

    Open to all 2600 MOS Marines, here is your chance to reunite with lost brothers, share stories, swap pics, check out our databases etc.

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    We have broken the century mark and now have 100 members, we are closing in fast on our 2000 posted message, have over 200 pics posted and even have a few members participating in a Fantasy Football League together (none of whom had any contact with each other for the past 16 years or more until they got on the Det3 site!) Come and join is totally free, and now open to all 2600 SIGINT Marines!

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    We are still around and kicking, we have over 200 members now. We still have our old Yahoo email group site up and running, though we have a newer site we use to keep our day-to-day comms going (you can get to it from the old Yahoo group site.)

    We had our first ever SIGINT/EW Marines reunion in Vegas back in June 2007 with 19 former Rag Baggers in attendance and a few other spouses and friends to boot.

    This year our 2nd annual reunion will be in Winter Haven, Florida in mid-June and we are expecting a larger turnout so get contact me if you need more info.

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    I was there three times on floats out of okinawa 75-76 with lima btry 2/12

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    I did a couple det r's - 78 & 80... Once w/ Top Hunter / Capt. Brown the other Top Cory...(darn forgot his last name) / Capt Ingold, Richard, 1 each. Anyone from those days - contact me at (Garry Pells). Anyone remember and know anything about Mike Gehman, please drop me a line..


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    I was 2621 in 1st Radio Btn from 83 through 85. Went to DMZ in 84-85 with Sgt Blyzniek (not sure of spelling) as team leader.

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    I went in 87 as a 2621. Worked at base camp the first 2 months then did DF the last 2 months. I was with Team Clites. While at one of the DF sites there were 2 puppies that chewed through the df antenna wires and shut us down. I took pictures of the enemy puppies.

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    was there twice early summer of 76 and then again in aug/sept 76 for axe murder incedent served with lima bttry 2/12 155 howitzers pulled. was c.o. driver and gun driver

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    I went to Det-3 in 89 while stationed at Co E in Pyongtaek, then again in 90 while at 1st Rad Bn.

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