Honoring the Marines in Tampa
By: Bill McGinty

Under the colors of freedom we honor two marines who made the best out of two very bad days.


“The President of the United States takes great pleasure in presenting the Bronze star to...”

The first is Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jose Sanchez the II.

“On 5 July, while suffering from second and third degree burns and many lacerations from shrapnel wounds, Gunnery Sgt. Jose Schanez exposed himself to enemy fire to retrieve a wounded marine from his assault vehicle, he then led the evacuation back to the nearest firm base.”

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes, even ages. Lance Cpl. Andrew Bickerstaff is receiving the bronze star and he's just 21-years-old.


“Ignoring the constant danger of close range enemy small arms fire, Lance Cpl. Bickerstaff exited his assault vehicle and ran 30 meters across exposed ground, collected the first marine and returned him to his vehicle. He then braved enemy fire two additional times to rescue the two remaining marines from the kill zone.”

Major General Douglas O'Dell makes the presentation telling them quietly, it doesn't end here.

Major General Douglas O'Dell, United States Marine Corps:

“But what i said to both of them is that now and for the rest of their lives, when they walk down the main street of whatever hometown they choose, people will say there goes a hero and much is expected from them.”

These humble marines accept this honor knowing any marine would have done, is doing, and will do the very same thing.

Bill McGinty, Tampa Bay's 10 News