What was the hardest part of bootcamp?
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    Question What was the hardest part of bootcamp?

    I am going to Bootcamp in about 4 months and just want to know what the hardest thing was and what I should do to get myself fully ready to go.

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    Read the rest of the posts in the Poolee Hall forum!

    Ain't none of it easy, though some folks like to pretend differently!

    Yer other answers are posted in the Poolee Hall Forum and Marine Mentor Forum.

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    I don't want it to be easy. I am glad it is not. If I wanted it easy I would join something else.

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    The Hardest Part? Keeping your mouth shut, your eyes and ears open , and the smile off your face,(yes we somtimes smiled, usually when someone else was on the step-up bench, other than that it was a breeze, If you like Tornados,. Lifter? good for pullups and pushups, bad for the runs, and remember the Corps is one for all, all for one, if the guy next to you needs help, give it.

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    I would have to go with the.....

    FOOTLOCKER Manual of arms as the toughest

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    What is the step up bench and the Footlocker Manual of arms

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    I thought rack drills were the toughest, myself.

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    Earle Comstock
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    Blanket party's were kind of fun if it wasn't thrown for you! But if it was , I don't think I would have liked it. Semper Fi , Do Or Die , Cpl Commie , Kill A Commie For Mommy:rambo:

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    I forget the height, but the step-ups were like standing in front of a curb, step up, one foot up, then the other foot up, step down, one foot down and then the other foot down. Try doing THAT for five minutes, non-stop.

    The foot-locker Manual of Arms was just that. Instead of running through the Manual of Arms with a rifle, you used your loaded footlocker. Right Shoulder ARMS, Left Shoulder ARMS, etc.

    THe foot locker drill was bad, but doing it with a fully packed seabag with your complete issue in it, including your bucket, was a REAL butch.

    Sand Field days were fun too. Quanset huts, not barracks. Move EVERYTHING out, footlockers and double decker steel bunks. Everyone, all 78 of us in the platoon, would then get a bucket of sand and dump it on the deck (floor). Following that, each of us would have to pour a bucket of water over the sand. Then, armed with regulation issue scrubbing brushes (about 2 by 5 inches) clean up the place, return the racks and footlockers and stand by for a barracks inspection.

    On one or two occassions, if the barracks didn't pass, we had to do it over again.

    Those were the good ole days. God, how I miss them!

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    You mean your barracks actually passed inspection in boot camp, Top? Whoa...... (Barndog begins taking notes)

    Sand Field days - boy I miss those. We used the sand in place of Comet and Spic-n-Span. And, for the life of me - I have never seen anyone since then, wax and highly buff shine a concrete floor so that it looks like a mirror your could shave in!!

    Man I miss those days. My fun-bucket was full all the time.

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    The hardest part was elbow and toes. This might go back a little to far for some. I don't thingk I had any skin on my elbows all the time I was in boot camp.

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    We did the elbows and toes thing....with the blasted locks fer our footlockers! LOL.

    Try unlocking a lock on a footlocker while perched on yer elbows and toes on the floor in front of it.....

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    It was all tough, till you learned the basics of keeping your mouth shut and listening to what you were told. I found my Senior D I two years ago and spent a whole weekend with him. He asked me if he had ever thumped me and I had to reoly in the negative. I must have done something right ! Semper Fi Ed Fleming P I July August September 1955

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    Talking Growing Up

    The shock that I no longer was a snot nose 18 yr old teenage who knew it all. That I was just another maggot and would grew/be trained to become a Marine.

    The Red Dragon

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    I went through PI March '65 and four of the worst were:

    1. foot locker drill.

    2. holding your arm out straight with your M-14 hanging from the crook of your finger by the front site blade.

    3. THE IRON CROSS...hanging from the pullup bar by your armpits with your arms over the bar and your hands grasping your belt.
    I believe I spent more time on the cross than off it!

    4. WATCHING TV...peched on your elbows with your feet on the bar of the bottom rack behind you. If you've never done it, it's something like an inclined plane where your feet are higher than your head and your body is inclined downward balanced on your elbows on the deck. It gets really hairy when you change channels by reaching out with one arm pretending to turn the knob. Are we havin' fun yet???
    Any old salts remember these?

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