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Thread: Soooooo

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    Devil Dog For Life Platinum Member Gary's Avatar
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    Minneapolis Minnesota

    Talking Soooooo

    How cold is it in your neck of the woods here in Minnesnowta it's about 27 degrees, at least here in the Twin Cities and so far all the major snow falls have missed us, in Minneapolis we've got just a dusting of snow so far YEAH!!!! let us know if it has gotten cold enough to freeze the b@lls off a brass monkey yet

    Sgt G.A. Blake

    Marine! the title says it all

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    3 degrees last night in Rapid City SD! It's a nice comfy 34 right now!

    It doesn't get cold til somewhere around 20-40 below....

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    Hazy and 44 right now. We get down to the low 20's and even into the teens at night. 0900 is usually around 12-25 degrees. Most days are bright and sunny - temp not withstanding.

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    Cool Cold and White.........LOL

    Right now it is 28 degrees with app 8 inches of snow on the ground, slowing down now........Suppose to go into the teens tonight........LOL



    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine

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    I WANT MORE SNOW...We had about 6 inches.
    I played hookie...again!
    Just finished shoveling the driveway andd now I am making hot cocoa.
    The temps are supposed to go down to the teens tonight.
    Hope you all have a fire going........

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    Guest Free Member
    I've often wondered:

    How do snow plow operators get to work in the morning?

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    4 wheel drive vehicles, Top.

    It was (an anomonly now they're callin it) -18 the other morning. I kept lookin at the NOAA/NWS site and they were sayin -3.

    Go figure.
    And, no..... the brass monkey still has his block and tackle.

    Semper FI

    p.s. When I go to the Western U.P. for beef in February, I'll let ya know on the monkey then. (that's Ewen, MI Gary... about 6 hours E on US-28)

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    Red face

    Hey sup? Its probally 35-40 dgs. here Its not that cold out but. Its snowing like a mofo. Not cold enough to freeze a brass monkeys b*lls off , but its gettin there.

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    Registered User Free Member ecomsg68's Avatar
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    Cornfields of Wisconsin


    Had a slight snow fall this morning adding to the 4 inches on the ground. Looked out the window at temp thing and it reads 9 degrees F.


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    Registered User Free Member ecomsg68's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    Cornfields of Wisconsin

    Arrow Freezing the Balls Off the Brass Monkey

    A bit of history behind the phrase:

    "Freezing the Balls Off the Brass Monkey," a Navy Phrase about Cannon Balls-Fiction!

    Summary of the eRumor
    This piece of alleged history explains that in the olden days of sailing ships, cannon balls were stacked on the decks on brass plates called "monkeys." The plates had indentions in them that held the balls on the bottoms of the stacks. Brass, however, expands and contracts with the temperature and if it got cold enough, the cannon balls could real foundation to the phrase "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey!"

    The Truth
    According to the United States Navy Historical Center, this is a legend of the sea without historical justification. The center has researched this because of the questions it gets and says the term "brass monkey" and a vulgar reference to the effect of cold on the monkey's extremities, appears to have originated in the book "Before the Mast" by C.A. Abbey. It was said that it was so cold that it would "freeze the tail off a brass monkey." The Navy says there is no evidence that the phrase had anything to do with ships or ships with cannon balls.

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    Well, over here in good old Utah, it's a bout 36 deg. F
    I must have thick skin or something because it feels more like 40 to 50 deg. F
    It snowed for about 10 minutes 4 days ago, skies have been clear ever since, which is kind of a drag, because you can't snowboard on grass!

    Semper Fi, and God Bless the Marine Corps!

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    Marine Free Member mrbsox's Avatar
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    Outside of Nashville, TN. Work in FOB Louisville
    North/Middle Tenn. setting about 28 right now, 2100 hrs Central. We missed the bad stuff by a few miles. Got sleet just North of Nashville (here), but Nashville got rain.

    What's in B'More ??? Gonna be there next week, and looks like what missed here hit there.

    And bones..... YOUR WRONG . It's COLD when it gets BELOW 40, NOT 40 BELOW


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    Darn and i thought i had it bad here in Wash. State, it was 50 degrees , and i sweated my b@ll off, so that to the brass monkey.

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    MRBSOX.....Baltimore is cold and had a little snow this morning too. Temps in the 20's....bring your long underwear...hee hee

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    The Black Hills hasn't seen a hard winter in 4or 5 years. One year it got to 20 below during the day and 40 below at night and stayed that way fer near two months! That was '95? Somethin' like that.

    Then we got a heat wave!! All the way up to 10 degrees!

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