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    Hi My names Alex, I used Lithium as my screename because it is what I usually use. I am almost 90% sure I am going to join the Marines. I want to be a rifleman, maybe a recon Sniper. I am currently reading 13 Cent Killers (great book), which is part of my motivation. I would not be dissappointed with just being a grunt. I have seen alot of movies, and Im sure you have too, where their are the Officers are looked at as idiots and inexperienced, not to say that any in the Marine Officers are (army movies ), but I figure if I am going to try to be one, I might as well earn it from the bottom up. Im 17 years old and as soon as summer comes I am going to go talk to a recruiter and hopefully enter DEP for a year until I graduate. I am hoping that the recruiter will help me get into shape, I can run, but my upper body strength is weak. I am a small guy so that doesnt help. I found these forums using google trying to get as much info as possible before I make my decision. I will be using the Marines to go to college, since my family might not be able to afford it, and for the experience. In today's world, or at least mine, there are not many opportunities to actually earn something, besides work, and thats what my goal is. Well thank you in advance for answering all the questions that I might have along my journey.


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    Lithium, where are you located in St Louis, what high school? I'm in Ballwin, went to JFK. If you are in the west county area, we will have the same recruiter, i leave 20060403, ive been in DEP for a while now, and have learned alot so far. If you have any questions you think i can help you with, fire away.

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    Welcome Aboard Alex this is the best Marine site a wannabe or Poolee could find for knowlege of the Corps. Good Luck with making your decisions.

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    Im actually a little south of St. Louis in Jefferson COunty. I go to Windsor HighSchool. My recruiter is in Festus, I think. Im going to have to figure that stuff out as soon as I get out of my busy hockey schedule.

    Thank you jinelson

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    I have actually been reading the forums now for a couple days, since I just found it, and I just now registered.

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    your intro line threw me off. i thought you were saying you use the drug lithium.... anyways.. welcome

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    HAHA....no...its one of my favorite songs by Nirvana. I have been using it or the past 2 years now.

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