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Thread: 'Grenade'

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    During the early 50's I was serving with 40 RM Commando in the Malayan campaign,the opposition were Chinese Communist guerrilla forces.During the tour of duty,we had occasion to a spell of R&R leave on the Island of Penang,situated off the coast of the Malay penninsular although Penang was considered to be a safe area,it was still vulnerable to Communist hit and run tactics.One evening after a beer drinking session,we decided to have a game of pool in the rest centres billiard room,we sat around the room to watch the games progress.One of the players was a Marine 'Chopper'Laird,'Chopper' was one of the old school of Marines didn't give a damm!,but was always there when the going got tough.The pool game was well under way ,when suddenly a grenade sailed through the open window,a mad scramble for cover! after what seemed like an eternity,we heard 'Chopper' say grenade corner pocket!, we all peered out from our hiding places,Chopper remarked It's a 'bloody' dud you daft bastards!.Aye JR

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    That's a bloody good one! My hat is off to "Chopper", the Queen's Marine!

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