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    Searching for info

    I live and work here in Las Vegas, ret. here. A few days ago a ran into a man and his wife and he noticed the pin on my shirt.. We got to talking and as it would happen he had a brother that is a Marine, his brother fought in WWII and later moved to Austraila, he has a pride in his brother and the corps that showed while we conversed. What he lacked though was any info about his brother service and death.
    What I told him was I would find out what I could. This is where I need your help. I am searching for any info on a Charles Lawrence Cressy, serving the corps 1942 to 1943 last known location after Guadual Canal was Austraila.
    Anyhelp and or leads would be most helpfull

    Semper Fi

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    place to try

    i see you are sgt maj if i were you iwould contact marine corps hdqt in D.C.
    tell them your situation and see if there is a place in australia that has military quarters or offices that could help you out in the location of that mans brother don't be afraid to ask questions don't be afraid to dig you just might come up wityh something to help him out take care


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