Breaking News: US Marines to deploy to Nigeria?
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    Post Breaking News: US Marines to deploy to Nigeria?

    Breaking News: US Marines to deploy to Nigeria?
    By Scott A. Morgan
    March 3, 2006

    It appears that the situation in the Niger Delta is being more closely by the Pentagon than anyone has admitted to. At least that is what the militants in the region have stated to newspapers in Nigeria in a Press Release.

    Over the last few weeks insurgent forces under the banner of MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) and the Warri-Ijaw Peace Monitoring Group which monitors the situation in the region have stated that the Bush Administration should stay away from the region or face being disgraced. One of the most telling lines was that America should “Take Note that the Niger Delta is not Afganistan or Iraq and any attempt to dare us will end in a blood bath and the greatest defeat in the history of the American Army”.

    This report comes to light as the Nigerian Government intensifies its effort to secure the release of nine foreign Oil workers that were seized in the region recently. The captors have stated that no negotiations will begin until the leader of another organization the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force is released from Government Custody.

    Nigeria is a major supplier of Petroleum to the United States. It is also a key ally of the United States when it comes to affairs in the region. One of the demands of the rebels is that any revenue generated from the sale of Petroleum is to be sent directly to the region instead of Abuja. This could effectively destroy the Federal Government of Nigeria.

    As for the United States it should be noted that in the current War against Terror the notion of a failed state is considered to a concern to its National Security. In this light the introduction of Marines or Other Special Forces may occur ( or already be underway). Anyway the rebels have threatened not to spare any embassy if American Soldiers attack a village in what they call Izonland. Whatever happens Washington will not let Nigeria to collapse into a failed state. It almost happened in 1967. It cannot happen again. There has to be some concessions from the Oil Companies and Abuja. Washington should make this point Crystal clear.

    The author comments on US Policy in Africa and the Struggle for Human Rights there. He can be contacted via


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    Are we the only nation that deploys? Sure seems that way. Nothing but gang and turf wars all over the place under the psuedo guise of religion or nationalism. Anyone would have a hard time convincing me otherwise. It's all profit driven. I can't prove it with viable facts. It's just a gut feeling that I have.
    That's my snort for today

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