Close order drill manual
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    Close order drill manual

    What! Ya think I'd down load the whole thing for ya!

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    Thank you, Sir, for looking up this information and posting it here.


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    Yer welcome!

    AND DON'T CALL ME SIR, I work for a livin'!


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    Guest Free Member

    I think it was a typo, what she intended was to spell it "CUR".

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    Talking firstsgtmike


    Sgt G.A. Blake

    Marine! the title says it all

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    I would say something to that, but I'm smarter than I look!

    ((Let's see, I got three stripes, he's got three rockers and then some....somehow the math doesn't work....))

    LMAO. So, we're down to cheap shots now, huh! LOL.

    Ya gotta a canoe? I know where ya might find some Pubs! LMAO

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    Don't suppose it would be a good idea to say... "But I respect all my elders?"

    Sorry about that though, I have been calling just about everyone lately Sir or Ma'am. I think my recruiters are going to thomp me upside the head soon. Better just go back to calling them by their rank.

    So, I'll do it properly this time.

    Thank you Sgt. for the information you are posting to us nasty civilians.

    - one of the nasty civilians and "wannabees"

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    LMAOROTF @ Cynrose. That's better!

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    Cynrose, what's really funny is watching over wannabes attempt to correct me when I refer to enlisted servicemembers by their rank instead of "Sir" or "Ma'am."

    Enlisted Marines will jump on ya for calling them "Sir" or "Ma'am" almost as fast as they'll jump on ya for not capitalizing the "M" in "Marine."

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    You know actually Sgt, you are the only Marine that has jumped on my case for that.

    Guess I was bound to get it sometime.

    Thank you for correcting me though Sgt.


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    I'd agree with DP2004. Man, the crap I got for all the sir and ma'am I used to say in chat. The care packages I have comin' to me...... But I've learned! Earned myself this nickname, too, eh Joe T?


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    Sgt. Bones, this guide is great. I just randomly came upon it on the internet and was going to post it, glad I did the non-stupid thing and searched first to make sure no one else had done it.

    ALL the kids down at the substation call the recruiters 'Sir,' they don't seem to mind... or they think it's funny.

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    In my experience, I've been flamed more for calling civilians ma'am/sir than accidentally calling an enlisted Marine ma'am/sir. The Marines I've come across have allowed some leeway for learning customs and courtesies before they thought about getting on my back for making a mistake. As long as ya don't try to disrespect them they've been cool around me.

    It's the civvies that get on my back for calling them ma'am/sir. They make it seem like I'm being disrespectful by addressing them as ma'am/sir. ... I don't get it. I thought that was what I was supposed to do.

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    hehe it's cause ma'am/sir makes them feel old.

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    And what's wrong with that? There's lots of stuff you can do when you're "old" that you can't do when you're "young" ...
    Like voting and ordering care packages for JennyJake.

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