Looking for PAO Marines
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    Looking for PAO Marines

    Looking for any Marines who served in Marine Corps Public Affairs from 1974 - 1982.

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    How about MGySgt Dave Marriott, or MSgt Tim Shearer, or (now) Capt John Dodd?

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    I began my career in PA in 1983

    I may know some of the same folks you knew


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    MGySgt. Marriott is at MCB CLNC (will retire in 2004)
    MSgt. Shearer is in New River (will retire in 2003)

    I know both of these Marines well.


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    Same here Sixguns. Know Dave and Tim well. Did you ever have the pleasure of serving with Captain John "Booger T" Dodd? He enlisted in 1982 as a PA Marine. I met him in 1986 at RS Lansing, MI. He's now the PAO at MCLB Albany, GA.

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    I know the name

    He was an Public Affairs Marine at RS Lansing when I was doing the same job at RS Northern New England in Portsmouth, NH

    I was a PFC and LCpl. on Okinawa in PA with (then Sgt.) Tim Shearer in 1984-85.


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    I knew Dave Marriott briefly when I was a PANCO in Dallas (1978-1981) and he was the PANCO in (I believe) Kansas City(?) We met in NOLA at the 8th MCD HQ for a PAO conference. I can't place Tim Shearer or John Dodd, though. Some of the folks I served with in PAO were: MGySgt Ed Evans, MSgt George Hijar, MGySgt Don Coleman, Sgt Dave Ramsey, LCpl Larry Lambert, Cpl Michelle Facciolli, Sgt Lorri Newcombe, SSgt Brenda Lanclos, Sgt Hardy Slate, Sgt Angie Peraza, SSgt Bill Wright, SSgt Dave Treadway, Sgt Jim Klick, SSgt Maggie Chavez, Sgt John Black, LCpl Tom Guido, Cpl Bruce Bentley, SSgt Cal Openshaw, LCpl Jeff Parins, LCpl Mark Mahoney, GySgt Marv Price, LtCol A.P. Brill, Maj Wofford, Sgt Scott Shultz, Cpl Tom Scully, Sgt Oscar Cessor, Lt. Susan Walton, and CWO Jerry Smith. I was on Okinawa from Aug 1975 through Feb 1978 with a three month break at JPAO Lejeune from Nov 1976 - Jan. 1977. I was with PAO MCLB Albany from 1981 - 1982.

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    WOW, a blast from the past!

    I know a lot of those names!

    Don Coleman is the president of the USMCCCA (combat Correspondents Association) you may want to join and renew some of those old relationships.

    I was the press chief for MSgt. Treadway (Now retired MGySgt.) at PISC and became PA Chief when he PCS'ed.

    Bill Wright was at one time my NCOIC (ComRel Chief) on Okinawa before he became a WO

    Cpl. Bruce Bentley? (I knew a Sgt. Kevin Bentley from CT who was a 4321 and he later went MECEP and became a PAO)

    SSgt. Jim Klick later became an instructor at DINFOS (83-84)

    MGySgt. Hijar was senior Marine and PJ at DINFOS in the mid 90's. (Now Retired)

    Capt. Walton was in our shop in Okinawa in 83-84

    How about these names:

    MGySgt. Jerry Scoggins, MSgt. Ron Keene, GySgt. Rob Teeling, SSgt./CWO Tim Bennett, LtCol. Jerry Shelton, SSgt. Tina Braun (Fogleson), LCpl. Mike Genovese, LCpl. Steve Gude, (Now) MSgt. Nate Portman, (now) MSgt. Manny Pacheco, GySgt. Dave Vergun, Sgt. Garza, Sgt. Angela McDaniel (White), Sgt. Tyrone Talbert, SSgt. Greg Berry, and GySgt. Mark Gentile

    Send me a PM so we can chat PA Marine to PA Marine!!


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    Also Sgt. Debbie Scott!

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    Hey, your last post was a real memory nudge with more names from the past. I get occasional emails from Don Coleman, George Hijar, Ed Evans, and Dave Treadway.

    Bill Wright became a WO, wow, and I thought he would have become an Elvis impersonator while driving his cherry Vette.

    I remember LtCol. Jerry Shelton, MGySgt. Jerry Scoggins, SSgt. Tina Braun, MSgt. Pacheco. I served with (and constantly agitated) GySgt. Mark Gentile on Okinawa.

    Sgt. Debbie Scott was a LCpl at MCLB Albany with me.

    I remember the names, Portman, Vergun, and Talbert, but i can't place faces with them.

    Another few I thought of: SSgt. O.C. McBride, SSgt. Stan Pederson, MSgt. Ed Benavente, Capt. Dale Baird, Maj. Mawk Arnold, Maj. Fred Tucker, Sgt. Tina Talton, Capt. "T" Tomkowiak(?), PFC Joe Gaither, and Sgt. Genser.

    Also, Ms. Tanaka and Herb Nakioshi (?), the civilians in the Okinawa PAO shop, were two really nice acquaintances I remember from the bad old days.

    Hey, I'll PM you a little later on. It's siesta time and I never miss my nap, especially when my 2-y.o. grandson is here and wants to lay down long enough to take one too.

    Later &

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    I served from 1971-1975 and 1980-1983 in PAO. Here's a few names for you...Hal Blake...Tim Gottfreid...Guy Hitler...Jim Paynter...Dale Dye...George Bieber...Ralph Rose...Major Woggin and many more. I'd like to send greetings to the all the Huns of the North especially Mike "we dood it" Rosas.Interesting to see all these names again. Death to the Zorans!

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    I was in PAO 1988-1992, Okinawa and Parris Island.

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    George Hobbs, Tim Seelbach, Gy Weatherman, Dave Oliver, A.J. Kozloski (me), Mike Hedlund, Keith Oliver, Murray Vanpelt.

    I recognize almost every name on this thread

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    Knew a Warrant Officer Omdahl, 1st MarDiv PAO. This guy had a very wide stach that he was very proud of. If you were walking behind him it stuck out at least 2 inches on either side of his head. 1963/1964

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    PAO Marines

    Capt. KC Bentley died a few years ago.

    I worked with Mike Wanjura, CWO Harty Slate, CWO Mike Hedlund, Capt. Dave Steele, Steve Nelson, John Farrell, Ernie Carter, Ruth Carver, Rose-Ann Scrignoli, Dave Marriott, MGySgt Adams, Col John Shotwell, Col. Fred Peck, Brian Snow, Dutch, Lurch, John Kitchen, Rene Reyna, Deirdre Hinkle, and a whole slew of others at JPAO CamPen from 91 to 93. Then I was with Keith Oliver and Jeff Sammons at CentCom PAO from 93 to 94.

    A lot of these people are on Facebook.

    Paul Jerome

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