Newbie's virgin post here.
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    Newbie's virgin post here.

    I want y'all to put 'em together and give a hearty OOOOOOOOHRAH for me, DeepRecon.

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    Welcome Home, Marine!

    Glad to see ya here! We needed a couple more Recon types runnin around. Kinda rounds out out MEU don't ya know!

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    Welcome aboard bro! You are in Missouri right? You are not outside my window hiding in my bushes are you? LOL

    Semper Fi,

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    Welcome aboard and home................Also welcome to the best Marine site on the net..............Stow your seabag in the corner, pull up a footlocker and chat awhile...........Stop over at the Slop Shute, tell Gary, Drifter sent you and he will buy you a drink..... Again welcome aboard.........



    PS: Bones' bark is worst than his bite.........LOL

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    Marine Free Member Gary's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
    Minneapolis Minnesota

    Cool Welcome aboard

    Marine, as thedrifter said stop by the Slop Shute when you get yourself squared away.

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    Welcome Home Marine;

    Good of you to hunt us out. Stop by the Chat anytime and introduce yourself. You'll feel Welcome there as well.

    Glad your here Man.

    Y'er first drinks on me.


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    Registered User Free Member leroy8541's Avatar
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    Welcome aboard bro.
    stow your gear, grab the wild turkey, and we'll skip ballbuster tonight, we can get your new rock tomorrow! OOORAHHH!!!!

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    Registered User Free Member Barndog's Avatar
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    Welcome Bro.

    You can have to long rope outta Bone's 46 or 53, or you can take the rope outta my Huey "Anytime-Anywhere" (HML-267)

    Take this Gentleman Jack Daniels and call us tommorrow, or for that matter, whenever ya feel like it.


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    Welcome aboard DeepRecon. Are you the same poster over at MODF?

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    Well awrighty then! Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I'm in St. Louis - not hiding behind any bushes - and, yes Kegler, I am the same DeepRecon from MODF.

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    Camp Talega huh ? Home of the quonset huts full of snake guys rock ! Down at Las Pulgas,we knew to stay outta your A.O. unless it was for a scheduled social call. Don't remember a time when Arty ever got a call to help you guys out.

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    Welcome Deep Recon...glad you could join us.
    We are a bunch of Marines on a mission.
    The mission is to help each other, listen and have a blast. Join us for drinks in the slop shute.

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    DeepRecon, I was with 2/7 at San Mateo from 75-77. Weren't you guys down the road at Camp Talega?

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    I was with HQ 1/11 at Las Pulgas from the end of '73 to '76...Mateo was the last stop going north to Talega...From San Mateo going south was San Onofre then Horno, Las Pulgas and a long stretch to Margarita before getting to Mainside.

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    Guest Free Member
    Quanset huts were at MCRD San Diego in '58, so I felt right at home in Quanset Huts at the old Camp Kinser of Okinawa in '60.

    A ritual at MCRD was a sand field day. Everything out of the hut. Everyone (78 of us) brought in a bucket of sand, followed by a bucket of water. Then scrub brushes to clean it up.

    On Okinawa, to kill mosquitoes, the smoke fogger trucks would spray the area. Occassionally, a friendly driver could be pursuaded to back up to a hut and rev it up until the smoke poured out of the other end of the hut, preceeded by a quantity of ****ed off Marines who got a rude awakening.

    I was sorry to see the quanset huts go.

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