The Politician's didn't let Marines do the right thing
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    Thumbs down The Politician's didn't let Marines do the right thing

    I watched on I believe the "Biography" channel, about the invasion by the 4th Marines into Bagdad, Irag. Without really coming out and saying..."If they would've let us, not just disarm Iraq's military but, take all of them and put them in some impoundment until they could be investigated...the Lt.Col. leading the invasion said to the effect...."We shouldn't maybe have been so nice to the people of Iraq so quickly."
    Here's the point. The Iraqi military dropped their weapon's and just blended in with all the other's. Who now, then, are the one's who are the suicide bomber's?, the IED, planter's, etc? I think it's pretty easy to know now what the hell is going on over there. I also think, just from my experiences in the land of "OZ" AKA..Nam? The politician's didn't let the one's who were fighting do their jobs, as per usual. "Oh, my heavens NO!!" Let's not P*** off the civilian population, we need to get them on our side." Well, that's all well and good. But...The Politician's aren't on the front gettin' their A*** shot off.
    To hell with diplomacy. Let the Military do what they know should've been done, and keep your sorry A****out of it.
    This is almost exactly what occured in "OZ", and we paid the price, just exactly as Our Brother and Sister Marines now are doing. It's a dirty shame, like Gen. Schwartzkoff? He wanted to go into Iraq, "I've got him, Sad Damn, Insane, in my sights!!" "NO" was the order. Get the picture?

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    Good point Devil Dog

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    Thank You. I'm so proud to be a member of this web site. To know so many who share the same opinion's, and those who don't. It's a real honor for this ol' Jarhead, to have a place to meet so many young, middle my age. And to be able to talk with courtesy to so many. God Bless

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    Wind in face you old war horse I think you said it all for us old OZ vets....

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