Food at Basic?
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Thread: Food at Basic?

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    Food at Basic?

    Just curious what kind of food they're gonna be feedin' us during boot camp, if any recent grads are around?

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    I predict large portions of Duck in your future. I'll let other Marine Veterans to elaborate

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    You know, after reading through the older posts on this board I've come to see that any post ending in those words("other Marine Veterans to elaborate") , or words with similar sentiment, never end up being good.


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    HAHA!!! Yea thats true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowwing
    I predict large portions of Duck in your future. I'll let other Marine Veterans to elaborate
    Yep, my cousin who was in the Corps told me about the duck when I sat down and talk to him about the Corps.

    "Oh, and if they ask you if you like duck, answer truthfully." -Cousin Jimmy Jon (Former Marine)

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    MKocher, And all Poolies. Listen up ladies. There is plenty to go around and you will have plenty of time to induldge your palate. It is tasty and plentiful. However, DUCK is always on the menu. You DUCK in the hatch at the Dinning Facility and DUCK out the other hatch. You notice I didn't say you actually sit your sorry AZZ down right...??? It won't take long before you start enjoying Marine Corps cuisine.

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    What ever happened to "Ready Seats, Eat?" Gess they do not require such nasty things anymore. I can remember having my plt hold their trays next to their chests and side stepping through the chow line, then washing the trays and falling in for drill. Bet the Mess Sgt had fun figuring out why he had 80+ meals unaccounted for. Drill went great though.

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    Aw. The memories. Yes the side step was a reuired move for chow. Then before you went through the hatch there was the "Form for Chow drill" I called it a gadget move simular to NFL teams doing gadget plays.

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    The chow at boot is going to be the least of your worries, and in all truth, it actually wasn't too bad. Gone are the day they have ****ed off grunts or fellow recruits on KP, now MCRD utilizes catering services much like colleges or businesses. I think while I was on the Island SYSCO was doing the honors. As stated, duck is ALWAYS on the menu. Whether you have it with eggs or potatoes it'll always go down the same .

    But lets say for example a given day at the MCRD Chow Hall:
    (You have a selection of all listed examples, and mind you I'm speaking of PI.


    Main Chow Station-(Where the bulk of a meal is)

    Eggs (scrambled/powdered)

    Fruit/Salad Sides Station-(Secondary bar separated from the main)

    Fresh Fruit (Pineapple, Pears, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Melon, etc.)
    Cottage Cheese
    Boxed Cereal (mini boxes of Cocoa Krispies, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Corn Flakes...those are the ones I remember)
    Bagels (cream cheese/butter nearby)
    Pudding/Yogurt, etc.


    Main Station

    Burgers/Fries (usually once a week)
    (drawing a blank here)
    Dessert Item (pie/cake/cobbler)


    Fresh Fruit
    Salad Components
    Sandwich components (Bread, cold cuts, toppings)
    Sides (Cottage Cheese, vegetables, Jello)


    Main Station

    Roasted Chicken
    Salisbury Steak
    Dessert Item (Pie/Cake/Cobbler)

    Fruit/Salad Bar

    Sides (Cottage Cheese, Veggies, Jello)

    That's basically a breakdown.

    As for drinks, the first few weeks you'll be lucky if you can drink anything other than water from your canteen. The first few days it'll take some getting used to, due to the following:

    a) Having to eat with one hand on your lap and pause to unscrew a canteen cover;
    b) The fact that you'll have to baby it because you're never sure when you're going to need some water; and finally,
    c) It has a rubbery taste from the canteen, which becomes more than normal as the days go on.

    Once you've earned the right, the Drill Instructors will let you get something from the juice machine right near the chow line exit. Expect this around the time you're able to jettison your go-fasters and wear boots. If you don't have it yet, hold up and try hard you'll get it.

    That's about it...any more questions I can answer...but I also don't want to spoil the fun.

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    Wow. Thank you very much.

    The fruit and stuff was what I was worried about, I wanted to make sure that I was going to be able to get as much fresh fruit and stuff as possible, because I hear that there are some wicked sicknesses that just kind of hang out at the recruit depots.

    Doesn't sound like it will be all that bad, as far as food goes!

    And I'm used to drinking almost exclusively water, although I do hate that rubber taste, is it like what happens when you get a new camelback?

    Considering that I'm going from the poor college student diet of ramen, this actually sounds like a step up!

    Thanks a ton man!

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    It's very similiar to the taste of a new camelback, but it's much more worn in. I'm almost 100% the canteens are reused (albeit sterilized), and some escape rigorous cleaning. Mine had sand in the bottom :lick: ...delicious.

    I'm sure they're boiled or whatnot, but they definitely have a taste all their own. You really start to get used to them when you actually need water...(i.e. after a session in the pit) because you realize there's no evian where you're gonna be, so you better drink the f*** up.

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    haha awesome. Freaking sand never goes away, huh? I went camping on a beach damn near 3 years ago and I'll still occasionally put a sock on that still has sand in the bottom.

    I'm getting even more excited now. Canteens and sand and ROASTED CHICKEN.

    This is going to be "fun"

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    It def. will I cant wait!! How often can you fill your canteen? or can you ask at any time or how does that work?

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    To all Poolies,

    It is best if you shut your mouths and open your ears and eyes react when you are told to do so. The best and bluntest advice that I think you are going to get. Remember, once its done you can't take it back. If a drill instructor says jump don't ask how high just do it...!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rdy2gopoolie
    It def. will I cant wait!! How often can you fill your canteen? or can you ask at any time or how does that work?
    They generally have you fill it every time you return to the squadbay, from Drill, PT, Chow, etc.

    You'll line up and fill it in the sinks in the head.

    And the Gunny is right. The Drill Instructors speak Gospel, it'd behoove you to just go with the flow and follow their advice.

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