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Thread: Drifter!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Drifter!!!!!!

    I'm gonna kill ya brother. GEEZ, there I go looking at the
    Open Business thread and two bare butts pop up and I
    have 30 some students sitting in class here. Geez, I wonder
    what Mrs. G is up to?!! AHHHHHH!!!!

    Now I know why I keep away from that thread! WARNING!!!

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    Unhappy Sorry Lil Sis

    I have to get Jerry to do something about posting our own pic's in. I Do Have A Warning Sign....

    I was only suiting the Marines at the Bar...........

    Sorry I will try to remember to write Warning.......

    I hope this helps you get over what I did.......


    Big Bro

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    Can I CENSOR him? Ladyleatherneck?

    Huh, huh, can I CENSOR HIM?

    Humm, I only saw one bare bottom and two, ahhh, ahhhh, ahhh
    two thingy a ma giggers!!!!...LOl

    I'll keep my eye on them, I mean on him.....

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    Okay, you got me Big Bro. That makes up for it..LOL!

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