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    I can also remember the gooks had all the paths marked with piles of rocks and differnt symbols marked in the clay dirt. Walked through that village many many times. I can remember that grave yard next to the villiage,all the incense burning. The little kids in the ville would get in thir canoe type boats and chase us looking for c-rats. We used to have to throw rocks and crap at those kids,to keep them away from us. They were always in our way. That was a very very bad area.

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    Post Uncle Boyd

    I grew up knowing Boyd as "uncle", really he's a friend of the family, but I loved him and he loved me as if we were family. He was a very kind and gentle man.

    I knew that he'd experienced some trauma that nobody was to speak of. He, on occasion would open up to my father, but I would never know the depth of his pain.

    When I joined the military right out of high school, I believe in part, it was to make him proud.

    I'm very sad that he never got the help he needed to remove those demons from his soul.

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    I was just given the book Dreams Of Glory Fields of Fire. Given to my grandmother Elizabeth, The sister of Cook Barela. I was never able to meet my Uncle Cook, but how he speaks of his time there and speaks of you all... I have just finished reading of The Battle of Finger Lake through the eyes of Cook... I can't begin to put myself in your shoes, but I thank my uncle for what he did, and I thank you all for fighting to keep your brothers breathing. We are grateful.

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