The initial elements of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unitís Maritime Special Purpose Force and members of the III Marine Expeditionary Forceís Special Operations Training Group from Okinawa, Japan, touched down Jan. 23, to participate in the Training in an Urban Environment Exercise 06-1.

Urbanized training such as TRUEX provides an opportunity to integrate unique individual and small unitís skills in conjunction with the MEUís increased proficiency in the Rapid Response Planning Process.

The coordination of the training is the joint responsibility of the III MEFís SOTG and the Federal Bureau of Investigationís Special Agent assigned under the Training Assistance to the Marine Corps Program.

The training, which will end Feb. 13, has been conducted in various cities since 1985 and offers MEUs a realistic urban setting not available at Marine Corps bases.

The MSPF, comprised of MEU assets, provides a special operations capable force that can be quickly tailored to accomplish a specific mission, and is employed either as a complement to conventional Marine Air Ground Task Force operations or in the execution of a selected maritime special operations mission.

The MSPF is not designed to duplicate existing capabilities of special operations forces, but is intended to focus on operations in a maritime environment.