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    Pull Ups

    is it natural for the big guys to do less pull ups than little guys?
    i'm 6"1 and 170lbs. @ 4 pullups.
    all the other big guys in my poole do about the same, some as much as 8-9..
    but those little fellas get up there at like 20... that right?

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    im 6 foot and 180 pounds and on a good day i can do around 13 or 14 pull ups

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    we have longer arms and weigh more thats why

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    I got an idea. How about you spend less time looking for an excuse on why you can't do pullups worth **** and more time actually doing them!

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    lol yea you just gotta keep at it. at 6 foot 200 pounds i am doing 8-10. there was a post on one of the forums that has a really good way to get your pull up count up. i agree with tobes.

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    If you have a local gym, build up the muscles using a lat pulldown machine. Just a month ago I couldn't do 1 pull up, now I can do 4+ easy. There are also assisted pullup machines.

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    Zippo Ive got a little piece of advice for you . First off the the "dick" that your talking about ..Hes a United States Marine so I would be very very careful about how you speak to an indivudual who has already completed recruit training. Right now your not even a recruit. You are just a poolee. One day maybe just maybe you might have the great honor of being allowed into our gun club. Until then you will treat every Marine on this website with the outmost respect and will respect their opinions and even their critiscism.
    Maybe you didnt like his response , but Ive got a little secret to tell you . There will be alot of responses that you might not lke and alot of other "dicks" especially when you get to the fleet.
    Until you have stepped on the yellow footprints, until you have busted your ass and earned the title of United States Marine , you will show respect to all the Marines on this site.

    How Copy?

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    Well said, outlaw. I just replied to your IM about "washing" and that's what it boils down to. Someone who has not yet earned the title, being critical of someone who has.

    Zippo, a little friendly advice. If something as harmless as the statement Tobes03 upset you that much, you had better make doggone sure what you want to get yourself in for. Trust me, it's going to get a hell of a lot worse once you hit the footprints, and if you don't have the intestinal fortitude to take someone telling you the obvious, whether you want to hear it or not, you will be broken. Just food for thought. I'm not trying to discourage you, but that's what it takes to earn the title.

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    i agree with everything yall just said. but but your still missing the point.
    all i said is he doesnt need to jump to conclusions. i was ASKING a question out of curiosity. period.

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    yea i understand but i know when i read it it sounded like you were making an excuse. sorry i misread that. regardless just keep working on pullups youll be able to do more just keep doing it. there was a post that said do like a set of 4 then rest a sec then do a set of 3 then rest then 2 then 1. then start over again. but do as many as you can do and then count down from there. like i can do 10 then ill do 9 then 8 and soo on. it helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippo
    i agree with everything yall just said. but but your still missing the point.
    all i said is he doesnt need to jump to conclusions. i was ASKING a question out of curiosity. period.
    Just shut up Zippo... he's earned the titled, not you. You have no room to talk back to him. You asked a question, he answered, and if I may say so myself, he made a good point.

    Go work on them, that's the only way to improve pull ups. If you can't take that, I don't know how you're going to take a Drill Instructors Devil Dog stare and yell in your face for 13 weeks.

    Good luck.... and show some more respect to these Marines.

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    k thanks for the advice. but really, i AM working hard to get in the best shape i can.
    and to rb1651.. DI's are qualified to be ********, other Marines are not.

    Edited....Someone better Learn R E S P E C T

    Last edited by thedrifter; 01-29-06 at 11:51 AM.

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    wow.....poolee you are going to have a long long 4 years. Im sure by now you have heard about the 10% that the Marine Corps. has. Right now you are well on your way to becoming one of those Marines. Say whatever you want Zippo , but right now if your whining about not being able to do pull ups, and complaining about how your already being mistreated lol, MCRD or Paris Island is going to be sooooo much fun for you. Keep running your suck , keep making excuses and eventually the green machine will find you , chew you up and spit you out just like every other non - hacker.

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    Our young friend just doesn't get it. Oh to be a fly on the squadbay wall when the DI's get to meet him. Best of luck to you Zippo, you are going to need it!!! Hey outlaw, want to take bets on how long it'll be before he's askin' for momma when his Senior gets started with him?

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    ok, you guys all got a completely wrong impression of me based on what i said earlier. someone accused me of making excuses, when in fact i was just asking a question. that irritated me because i've been brought up never to make excuses.
    anyhow, i'm going to BE a Marine, and a damn good one because i'm motivated as hell. so if you all can forget what i said earlier, cool, but if not i wont log in any more.

    Last edited by thedrifter; 01-29-06 at 02:13 PM.

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