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    my MOS

    i'm going in the reserves (until i finish college).
    my chosen MOS is 1833, AAV Crewman. i never seem to get a straight answer on this. can a Marine please explain to me what the "once a month" weekends will be like in this MOS? what do you do? practice ops? navigation?

    (the reason i ask is because i'm considering going to infantry instead)
    i appreciate any help very much. -Rick

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    no one knows anything about the life of an AAV Crewman?
    also whats ur opinions on going reserves until i finish school Vs. going active for four years then going back to school?

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    sorry dont know. what if they send you to war while in skew. i would rather have all the benefits.

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    The best answer I can give you about your first question is to ask you a question. Is the reserve unit you're looking to join near you? If so, contact them. They will be able to provide you with their syllabus for training weekends. If not, Ask your recruiter. He will have the resources to try and find the answers to the questions that you have.

    To answer your second, that is something only you can answer. What's best for you? I personally chose active first, took classes whenever I could, and got my electronics degree while I was still active. It takes alot of dedication to go that route, because while your peers are out in the "ville", you will be in class or studying the majority of the time. It's really your decision to make. Hope that helps.

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    that does help. very much so.
    one of my concerns is that having a Combat Arms MOS i wont have the time at night to take classes. i've heard it's very odd hours.
    i'll probably go active, take classes when i can, and if i decide to call it quits after 4 years i'll go back to school. truth is i cant stand going to classes all day any more. thanks for the advice.. now i just need to figure out if i'll stick with AAV Crewman.

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    suggestion as well is the online courses and the correspondence courses.. if you can get your degree while in do it.. or at least get as close as you can to it..

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