New Indy Racing League Team Created To Support U.S. Armed Forces
Posted in Team News on Jan 25, 2006 at 2:09 PM

Corporate Sponsorship Sought to Drive Historic Campaign
Laguna Hills: Yellow Ribbon Racing, a not for profit organization, announced today its "Support the Troops" Racing Team for the 2006 Indy Racing League Series (IRL). The team concept is to feature and promote our armed services, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard as a tribute to the men and women in harms way protecting the USA. Yellow Ribbon Racing is a support "vehicle" seeking private sponsorship from corporate America and the grassroots backing of the American people.

We are very pleased and proud to have received the noted endorsements from the OSD-PA and The America Supports You Foundation said Yellow Ribbon Racing's Managing Director, James Occhipinti. "It paves the way for our team to begin its quest to do something we believe has never been seen in professional sports, a team solely dedicated to keeping America connected with our troops here and abroad, during peace time as well as during war time.

Yellow Ribbon Racing's quest is to field two (2) Indy car's for the upcoming 2006 IRL series. Both cars will be dressed in the colors of all 5 branches of service. Car (1) will have the Navy's Blue Angles colors on one half of the car with the other half fitted with the Marines camouflage colors. Car (2) will have the Air Forces Thunderbirds colors with the other half sporting the colors of the Army's camouflage. Both cars will display the colors of the United States Coast Guard as well. Each car will have a yellow line painted down the center of the car.

Support for our troops is important at all times and especially when they are in harms way, the Yellow Ribbon Racing team is an outstanding testament of how important our men and women in uniform are to the fabric of America and free people around the world. This team will not only show the support to our troops in the field, but will honor their wives, husbands, children, mothers and fathers as well; there are few places where this is possible, Yellow Ribbon Racing is one of them…. ..
Walter Kross, General, USAF (r)

Key sponsors will have traditional "primary" positioning for brand logos on the race cars, uniforms and transporters. Yellow Ribbon Racing partners will experience all of the traditional IRL race team sponsor benefits along with immediate built in fan affinity to our armed services. Yellow Ribbon Racing and its sponsors will benefit from a phenomena never before seen in any professional sport: "Permanent Home Field Advantage," creating fans out of millions of military personnel, active and retired; family and friends; individual Americans and corporate America; professional athletes and movie stars, all eager to support the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

It will be great having a race team partner with America Supports You, the America Supports You mission is to spotlight what Americans are doing in support of the military, encouraging others to thank the troops and allowing all to tell their stories by giving voice and visibility to their efforts….
Carla Sagerholm, OSD-PA

Brent Morehouse, Managing Director of Yellow Ribbon Racing states, "Yellow Ribbon Racing is about more than racing, it is our on-going billboard for our troops, it's about the direct and immediate connection America will have with our troops and an impact we believe will hit 60+ million people in 2006." In addition to racing, through our website, we will offer our Troop Affinity Program where individuals can sponsor a member of the U.S. Armed Services ON-LINE with a portion of the sponsor's contribution going directly to the America Supports You charity chosen by the service member. More information on the Troop Affinity Program can be found at

Yellow Ribbon Racing will be solely supported by sponsorship and does not intend to receive any funding from the United States Government.