The 81mm mortar is the Battallion Commanders weapon.
Smooth bore, muzzle loaded, air cooled, high angle of fire crew served weapon.

Normally deployed in an 8 gun platoon in a 'LAZY W' fashion, the mortar is an AREA weapon, NOT a pinpoint weapon.
The standard fire mission has all 8 guns firing on the same direction and elevation. In theory, if the guns are in a 'W', the rounds will impact in a 'W'.
* * * *
. * * * * (each astrick an impact)
Fire missions may include 'SEARCH ' and/or 'TRAVERSE', in which a series of rounds are launched, with minor adjustments to the gun between rounds. This allows the IMPACT to 'walk' across an area, often with assault troops close behind.
Ther were also 'SPECIAL' sheafs, or impact patterns. An 'OPEN' sheaf has the guns impacts spread out , while a 'CLOSE' sheaf has the impacts tighter together.
We never did any SPECIAL sheafs, they were to TIME intensive for the FDC to calculate.

Here is my question ??
With computers and calculators... are SPECIAL sheafs more available, practical, and is the mortar becoming less of an AREA weapon, and seeing more pinpoint usage ??