The Plan...........
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    The Plan...........

    In the Beginning was The Plan ...........

    Then came the Assumptions.

    And the Assumptions were without form and The Plan was without

    Darkness was upon the faces of the Privates.

    And the Privates went unto their Sergeants and said:

    "This is a crock of ****and it stinks."

    And the Sergeants went unto their First Shirts saying:

    "It is a pail of dung and we can't live with the smell."

    And the First Shirts went unto their Lieutenants saying:

    "It is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such that none
    may abide it."

    And the Lieutenants went unto their Captains saying:

    "It is a vessel of fertilizer and none may abide its strength."

    And the Captains went unto the Majors saying:

    "It contains that which aids plant growth and it is very strong."

    And the Majors went unto the Colonels saying:

    "It promotes growth and it is very powerful."

    And the Colonels went unto the MAJCOM Commander and said:

    "This new Plan will actively promote the growth and vigor of the Forces with very powerful effects."

    And the MAJCOM Commander looked upon The Plan and saw that it was good.

    And The Plan became Policy.

    And this, my friends, is how **** happens!!!

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    Everyday I learn things from You Marines


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    The Plan!!

    Oh yes, the "Plan" - I remember this well!
    In combat, a plan dreamed up by a Captain was put into service on Monday - one day later - " a needless death" - Wednesday the order is recinded!!! All of us (enlisted) that were put to the test knew it was wrong when we heard it - tried to tell them that it was "foolish" plan, no one would listen at the time. It was brushed off as "no big deal". As long as "their" butt wasn't in danger why should they care!! And this was only 1 plan of many!! If it wasn't for lady luck there would have been many, many more needless casualties.
    I have always, (and most of the guys I knew)looked to our superiors to make the decisions to try to keep their men as safe as possible!! We expected them to be "hard nosed", that was their job!! But above all we expected to be treated fair!! We will do whatever it is that you ask us to do - thats our job! But don't ask us to risk our lives or go thru the fire unless you are right beside us or at least with us!! I cannot imagine how many lives were lost needlessly, and still are because of this improper thinking?? I would hope the "new" Marines are getting some sense about this!! Sometimes I still sit and shake my head about the how our war was carried out! At times it was so crazy - it was almost like: Taking the whole company, marching them thru a field with their fingers in their ears so the officers could see if the area was mined, while they watched from a hill above thru binoculars!! (maybe that example is overstated - a little)
    But - things can be changed!! And if you see something that you know is wrong - I think it is your duty to try to change it for the better. Case in point: We are at the Air Station @ Beaufort, S.C. and it is an order that you "must" salute a red sticker on a vehicle (that owned by an officer) to show a sign of respect. Ok. I always thought this was a stupid, stupid order!! If the officer is walking by you, I agree - but not the vehicle. Besides, your walking, the officer is riding!! Well, I saw an officer's wife - and another time a punk kid of an officer, stop and get out of their vehicle and chew the enlisted guy up one side & down the other - now I'm getting pi*sed about the whole issue!!
    So I get about 10 of us together one morning - we got in single file past the roadway by the administration/infirmary area that has officer's vehicles parked single file by the roadside. There are about 50 cars or so lined up! Each one of us as we passed each car, we saluted that car, which were all empty. By the time I reached the Hangar area, my "TOP" was waiting for me!! Yelling at the top of his lungs -"what the h*ll are you and those others yahoos doing, saluting those cars with no one in it!" I let his face color return to normal and then told him what we thought about saluting the sticker of a car and it "just wasn't right!! Well, a couple of weeks later - guess what - no saluting stickers anymore!!! Getting some things changed in the Military I know is tough and with going thru the "Chain of Command" - its even tougher. Sometimes you win - sometimes you lose - but thank the ones that "try" to make it better for all!! God, I love this Country!!

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