How REMFs Became Fobbits
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    Cool How REMFs Became Fobbits

    How REMFs Became Fobbits

    January 2, 2006

    Names change, situations don't. In Iraq, most troops are support type people, called fobbits (those who spend most of their time in FOBs, or Forward Operating Bases.) During the Vietnam war, the non-combat troops came to be called REMFs (Rear Echelon Mother****ers). In both wars, the combat troops had a much higher (as in ten times or more) chance of getting hurt than the support people.

    But not all the troops going "beyond the wire" are infantry or armor types. Fobbits run the convoys that move supplies all over Iraq, and its fobbits with guns who go out to recover, or repair, vehicles (combat, or otherwise) that break down, or get battle damage. The fobbits are also responsible for the security of their FOBs. This security has been much better than in Vietnam, where infiltrators and enemy commandoes often got inside the wire and did damage. Not so in Iraq, where the armed fobbits have, with very few exceptions, kept the enemy out. Perhaps in appreciation of that, the REMF term has fallen into disuse, largely replaced by the kinder and gentler "fobbit" (a play on the "Lord of the Rings" creatures, the little guys with big feet who lived in bunkers, were not known as warriors, and were called Hobbits.)

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    Fobbits on Patrol:

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    Is that an M14 in the picture, it sure doesn't look like an M16. A DMR perhaps?

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    You are right Jon what you see is a real battle weapon the M14A1 and it fires almost the same round as our enemies does a 7.62 mm.

    Semper Fi Jim

    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Good eye PFC Jon! I'm one of those non 03 types. Yes, I am a basically trained rifleman. But I know enough to stick to the man with some good firepower !

    And those Fobbits really need a good HAIRCUT!

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