Update on Cpl. Cobb
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    Update on Cpl. Cobb

    Good Day all and Happy Holidays.

    The following is an update on 'our' Favorite Marine Hobart Cobb. Hobart, as most of you know had taken a couple of falls in these past few months. He twisted his ankle and hurt his back and was bruised. He was on his way to full recovery. "HE'S A TOUGH MARINE"!

    Hobart took another fall a few days ago which landed him in the Hospital. There he spent two days recovering from the fall. He was x-ray'd from Head to Toe and back again (as Hobart describes it) He has again injured his back sererely enough (this time) to put him into a Body Cast. Not to worry though, it's not a Body Cast as us old timer would think. The type Hobart is wearing allows for movement and mobility. It is made of Plastic, Steel and Padding. Hobart says he truly grateful for the padding. The decision of the Body Cast was agreed upon between Hobart, Faye (wife), Family and Doctors.
    Hobart told me he slept very well last night. He said it reminded him of the old Marine cots he slept on many years ago.

    I spoke to Hobart this morning and he sounds well and is in extremely good spirits. I couldn't tell the difference between him hurt and not hurt. He is disappointed about having to cancel his Holiday Trip to see one his Daughters and Family in South Carolina but Debra (daughter) is now with Hobart in Georgia. Hobart was joking and laughing and wishing Christmas Blessing to all. In fact he told me to spread his Blessings Wish to all I come in contact with here.

    Hobart has given permission to post his address if anyone would like to keep in touch with him.

    Hobart Cobb
    28 Mallett Pointe
    Cartersville, GA 30121

    That's all for now. I spoke to 'daughter' Debra and she will send me a picture of Hobart today and I will get it here in the post.

    That's it for now.


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    Thanks Rich
    Your right Mr. Cobb is a "TOUGH MARINE"!

    Mr. Cobb you got to stop kicking Your better half

    I will keep You in my Prayers and Thoughts

    Merry Christmas!
    God Bless

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    Thanks Rich, On The News Of Mr. Cobb. He Will Over Come This Little Set Back, As We Know It Takes A Little Longer To Heal For Us Older Grunts. Ha Ha. God Bless All.

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    Glad to hear that Cpl. Cobb is doing okay. Haven't heard from him in a wee bit and it never dawned on me that Mr. Cobb had taken falls until now. Here's wishing him the best. Thank you JAMarine.

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    Bump Up

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    Bump Up

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    Thanks Rich, Thats Right Mr. Cobb Is Toughhhhhhh, I Hope He Is Back Up And Around Soon, Thoughts And Prayers

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    Tell Mr. Cobb "that old BULLS must remeber they were young calfs once"its hard to take it slow but he must do so to get the full recovery he needs.Hope Mr. Cobb has a very Merry Christmas I know he will because he is with his family. SF

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    Merry Christmas to you as well MrCobb! Take care and I hope that you enjoy Christmas with family and friends no matter what the world brings to you brother. (I know, ya been there, done that. Been through hell already.) I'm humbled to call you a friend Marine. Thank you for your service and have a Very Merry Christmas!

    Semper Fi,

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    Prayers out for Mr. Cobb, and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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    As garry123 said, prayers out for Cpl. Cobb on a speedy recovery.

    Hey Hobart, if you see this before Monday, I'm on my way to Waycross (sp) to see my daughter and grandkids. Not certain where Cartersville is at, but if it's on the way, I'd be honored to stop and visit with you, if it's okay. I'm coming from N. Ill., so I'll be coming thru Atlanta and heading east.

    Semper Fi


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    Merry Christmas with gentle hugs and love your way Marine! May God Keep and bless you and your family this Holiday Season.

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    Several Angels came to me,
    I counted them, one, two and three.
    They asked what I wished for family
    and friends and this is what I said to them;

    "I wish for Health, Love and Happiness,
    For each and everyone.
    I also asked for Gods Blessings
    as each day is done."


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