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    Texas Marines

    T E X A S



    Sgt Carroll, R. G.
    1972 - 1975
    Broaddus, Texas
    San Augustine, County Texas

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    Sgt Silva J.A.
    Kleberg County

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    Cpl. J.A Carrasco
    San Antonio,Texas

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    Squad Leader Free Member Wyoming's Avatar
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    Feb 2003
    25º 38' N, 54º 26' E
    Cpl. Allan 'Big Al' Holmes
    Jim Wells County

    (Presently residing in Southwest Jawja / the signature tells the rest)

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    Southbridge, VA (North of Quantico)
    I no longer live in Texas but spent five years in Lubbock and three in Killeen. Have one daughter and her family in Dallas and another and her family in Houston.

    But that's not why I'm on here. I live in the Washington, DC area and we have a Navy Corpman who was seriously wounded early last month here in Bethesda. Although sustaining serious injuries himself he's responsible for saving the lives of many of the other Marines who were with him when the four IEDs (yup, four!) went off.

    He'll probably be transferred to Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio this week. He'll be spending Thanksgiving and probably Christmas there as well. We'd like him to have some visitors if possible. I'll get his name and more details shortly. Thanks, Marines for taking care of your Navy brother!

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    Excellent idea and thought captken.

    Living in Georgia precludes me from visiting, but I feel certain our Brothers still living in Texas, can and will follow up on this request.

    Just in case this thread doesn't get the needed response, because of the title, maybe 'admin' can keep it 'bumped up'.

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    Fond memories of Fredericksburg, just north of SA.

    Llano highway and climbing enchanted rock!

    Man what memories! Thanks for the reminder!



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    Southbridge, VA (North of Quantico)
    Here is the info I was talking about in the earlier note.
    Corpsman continues to care for Marines after losing leg
    Submitted by: 2nd Marine Division
    Story by: Computed Name: Cpl. Shane Suzuki
    Story Identification #: 20051131937

    AR RAMADI, Iraq(Nov. 3, 2005) -- It is unadulterated courage in the
    face of horrifying danger and risk. It is being able to perform under
    fire while knowing you are probably going to lose a leg. It is taking
    care of your Marines when everything is on the line. It is duty,
    courage and love all together. It is what Nathaniel Leoncio showed the
    Marines of Company L the morning of Oct. 4.

    The mission was to patrol the southern part of Ar Ramadi in support of
    Operation Bowie, capturing or destroying insurgents and their weapons.
    However, when the convoy made its way to the dirt roads and
    unincorporated areas that make up the southern part of town, everything changed.

    "As soon as we got on the dirt roads, four (Improvised Explosive
    Devices) went off about two feet from our vehicles," said Cpl. Jason
    Luedke, a Humvee driver with Company L. "Our Humvee ended up in a three-foot crater.
    I started pulling Marines out of my vehicle and was trying to find
    cover when I saw that the Humvee in front of us had been hit and was
    flipped upside down."

    Another Marine in the second vehicle, Cpl. Neil Frustaglio, a vehicle
    commander for Company L, was one of the first people to rush up to the
    flipped vehicle.

    "After the blast, I looked forward and actually saw the Humvee
    landing," he said. "I was the first person there, and I heard Leo screaming for help."

    Leo is Seaman Leoncio, a hospitalman assigned to Company L.

    "When I came around to his side, I saw that he was caught under the
    Humvee, that his leg was stuck," said Frustaglio. "I grabbed the edge
    of the Humvee and lifted it up. I was yelling at him to pull himself
    out. He struggled to pull himself out from under the Humvee with only
    his arms. When he got out, that ‘s when I saw his leg."

    Leoncio had suffered an amputated right leg below the knee, a shattered
    right femur and serious internal bleeding. However, before he allowed
    himself to be medically evacuated from the scene, Leoncio began
    directing the other Marines at the scene on how to perform aid on
    himself and the other injured Marines on site, including the fourth
    Platoon commander, who suffered serious shrapnel wounds and required
    immediate surgical evacuation.

    "When I got to Hospitalman Leoncio, he immediately began telling me how
    to care for him," said Cpl. Kurtis Bellmont, an infantryman in Company L.
    "Before he was even stable, he began asking about the other occupants
    of the vehicle and trying to assess their injuries. Before he would let
    us move him to the medevac vehicle, we had to tell him that all of the
    casualties were receiving medical attention."

    The IED completely destroyed the Humvee and resulted in one death,
    three urgent surgical casualties and one routine casualty. Despite the
    chaos surrounding the attack, Leoncio kept his calm and bearing and
    never relented in his duty to his Marines.

    "There are no words for what he did," said Frustaglio. "The explosion
    was catastrophic, it blew the door off the Humvee and threw it 30-plus meters.
    Those doors weigh more then 300 pounds. When I got to (Leoncio) he was
    in pain, but he began telling me what to do. He was so calm, he was
    injured but he was telling me how and where to put the tourniquet on his leg."

    One of the passengers in the vehicle, 1st Lt. Bradley Watson, helped
    move Leoncio to the medevac vehicle and provided buddy aid to him while
    they were transported to Camp Ramadi for surgical evacuation.

    "I helped pull Hospitalman Leoncio into the medevac Humvee and
    personally saw him wince in pain as he rolled over, opened his medical
    kit and treated (the fourth Platoon commander’s) shrapnel wound," said
    Watson. "When he saw that the bleeding had stopped, he gave Cpl.
    Bellmont and me instructions on how to best care for him. He was calm,
    alert and responsive the entire way to Ramadi Medical. The only thing
    he asked for was that someone hold his hand to keep him awake and give him sips of water."

    Although his courage and dedication were highlighted during the
    horrible events of Oct. 4, the Marines of Company L were not surprised
    at "Doc Leo’s" courage under fire and performance through pain.

    "Doc Leo was a real good guy, he was always helping Marines with
    anything he could," said Luedke. "He was, overall, the nicest guy I’ve
    met in the military. He wanted to be here, in Iraq. He said before that
    the only reason he joined the Navy was to be a corpsman and serve with
    Marines in Iraq."

    Leonicio was transported back to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda,
    Maryland where he is currently recovering from his wounds.
    Well...there you have it. He'll be in your back yard tomorrow or at least very soon. Those of us in the DC area are hoping and praying that some of you good folks from around San Antonio can pay him a visit. Trust me, he'll cheer YOU up. He has an awesome personality and a positive outlook.

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    How do we get in touch with Doc Leo.....Captken......

    I don't get to San Antionio......but would like to write him.....or if I could call him some time....

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    Guest Free Member
    I found a picture of this Oustanding Devil Doc on the Marine Corps' official web site.

    Any assistance from our Texas Marines would be greatly appreciated.

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    Keep us up dated on seaman Nathaniel Leoncio. I live in San Antonio and if there is one thing my city is known for is it's big heart. I would like to visit
    him. Come on Texas Marines lets rally around this bother in arms.

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    I have often wondered why Texas has so many patriots that became good Marines it cant just be its size. My boot camp platoon was a CAL-TEX platoon with one guy from Idaho and you will never guess what they called us LMAO Where do we get these men? We dang sure do get em from Texas May God Bless yall.

    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    jcarrasco.........I work here in Houston..and would love to keep in touch with Doc Leo........We as Texas Marines.......need to keep up with these Marines..........I would be more than happy.....to help......if there's anything I can do to HELP you, you can email..me......here.....or my home email...address...is glyn49@msn.com.......

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    Count me in on anything I can do. I will be going to visit family next month in San Antonio
    1991-1995 KMCAS
    Houston, TX


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    My prayer for today......

    Lord....Put Your angels around the bed and family...of Nathaniel Leoncio......I ask this in Your Name......Amen....

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