Happy 230th Birthday, Marines!
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    Happy 230th Birthday, Marines!

    I would imagine that most of you who read this know about and probably have participated in the war of words that goes back and forth between the Navy and the Marine Corps. I sure did my share when I was a young enlisted Sailor. Seems like a favorite exchange of insults was for a Marine to call the Navy a "taxi service" and for a Sailor to call the Marines "cargo".

    Well I've grown older and hopefully a little wiser. My time on gator freighters taught me how effective we can be together. I realized that, yeah...we are a taxi service...one very bad a$$, multi-ton, taxi service!

    If you can call bombs, torpedos, tomahawk missles, etc. cargo then, yeah...you guys are cargo...very, very leathal, ferocious, well trained cargo. So when the "taxi" sits off somebody's coast and delivers the "cargo" to their doorstep, they'd better pray that the "cargo" is coming to help because if they're the bad guys their days are numbered.

    I'm very proud to have had the privilege of wearing the uniform of my country's Navy. Part of what makes me proud is that I was able to serve along side those of you who "...bear the title of United States Marines."

    So tomorrow have a happy 230th birthday, Marines. You've earned it...Semper fi!

    p.s. Anytime y'all need a taxi ride just let me know!

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    Thumbs up


    As the Navy is our brethren. Thank for the Birthday Wishes...!!!

    May there be many more.

    Semper Fidelis

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    I Want To Thank You Also Captain The Was said With Alot Of Damn Class!

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    Oooorah Sir ,

    Anytime you want want to drink some beers sir, I got the first round .
    Semper Fi!

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    To all on Leatherneck Have a great Marine Corps Birthday

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    Semper Fi, I'll kick it off my doing 230 push ups at 0500 tomorrow morning, ya'll are welcomed to join in. Mine will be in sets of 50 as I'm not as strong as I once was But hell I'm still a Marine. Ooh Rah!

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    Thanks for the words of wisdom you provided. Very true that Marines consider the Navy to be a taxi service, but without you guys, we would not be as effective as we are. As a veteran of the Marine Corps, I was very proud to have served alongside the sailors of this country's Navy. Thank you, sir,as well, for the birthday wishes. *Salute*

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    Thanks back to you, militarycowboy1. You call, we haul!

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    A Partnership of 230th Years

    captken, its been a partnership of some 230th years in the making.
    We celebrate, but its more of a looking back to what we are.
    What we are has been done with the help of your service.
    We couldn't have done it without your help...

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    Happy Birthday USMC and all Marines!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES.....Heres to 230 years of service to our Nation.
    Semper Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Frates Aerten.......Oftend Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers Forever...
    Semper Fi....
    FJ Castro

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    Past, Present, and Future Marines, Happy Birthday!!

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    Have a wonderful Birthday! Although your history and traditions are lengthy, you are still just 230 years young. Have the finest of celebrations, enjoy your revelry and be sure to square a corner every now and then.
    The best to all of you.

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    i just want to say to the brotherhood uncle sam's misguided children
    happy 230th sempi fi death before dishonor

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    Happy Birthday to all of my brothers and sisters in the Marine Corps all over the world.

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