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    Any Advice?

    It saddens me that I am even posting this. But it is out of desperation.

    This is for CAS3 and anyone that could give some info.

    Could you please give this Marine some guidance and direction. I am looking for some emergency assistance. I went to the Soldierís. Sailorís, Marine Fund and applied for aid and the help I got was 350 towards rent, a 50-dollar grocery voucher and 300-dollar clothing voucher. I am currently not working because of health reasons. I have been fighting Cancer I winning the battles, but so far not the war.

    MY telephone will be shut off Wednesday, electricity will shut off Friday and as of today I am 1 1/2 months late on rent.

    I live in Connecticut.

    The only thing I have to offer anyone in return is that I can make military dog tags through a friend of mine that has an addrsssograph.

    And I do have what I think is a beautiful Marine Corps website

    In closing if moderators want to pull this post I understand. And if anyone wants to email me it is


    Bill MacDonald

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    Thank you

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    Sorry I haven't been available. I am in Virginia for a while. I will try to find all avenues of resource for you.

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    Bill, I have sent you a personal email at the address you provided, you should find some VERY good resources in my email.....

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    I have herd that Fort Devens Ma. Has Housing for Vets Dont know under what guidelines should be worth a look

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    I want to thank everyone that is sending me emails with infomation. And please keep them coming.

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