My visit with LCpl Shawn Seeley
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    My visit with LCpl Shawn Seeley

    I took the chance that I could visit with LCpl Seeley as you have all seen on the posting praying for LCpl Seeley. I made the trip from Stafford to NNMC (National Naval Medical Clinic). If you plan on visiting with him he is in room E508 or 5 East. The liaison does need to be called and cannot give you any updates on conditions of any of the patient's at the clinic. Cpl Rodriguez is the Marine liaison that I spoke with today 301.295.6111. He does this to make sure that the patient is available and to check what room they are in.

    My visit was a very pleasant one but not at first I kept getting chockedup, you know a lump in your throat. I met the grandmother (a retired RN) who asked me if I had ever stayed at Bethesda I told no, just as an outpatient. She told me that she likes the way that it is run and that she sees that LCpl Seeley is in excellent hands. The grandfather is a Vavy veteran we spoke for quite a while about Shawn and his condition.

    Then there was Shawn's mom. WOW what a lady Shawn is lucky to have her as his mom she is great...!!! I have not had the pleasure of meeting Amanda yet.

    I met Shawn after being introduced to the family members that I have mentioned. He doesn't look really to awfuly bad considering what he has been through. I know that he has a long road ahead and anything we can do we should at least try to do. My purpose in going today was to tell him thank you. I did that but he thanked me for being there. I think we both came out of that one ahead.

    I asked Shawn if he would mind if I took a picture? He said go right ahead. And can I post it on Leatherneck? Yes that would be great. I plan on going back in a couple of weeks. He is probably going into surgery on Monday. I asked him what kind of music he said country western, Toby Keith, Clint Black, and so on.

    SO here is LCpl Shawn Seeley as of today:

    Semper Fidelis

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    It's wonderful of you to make the trip to Bethesda. I have to agree with the Grandmothers' opinion of NNMC. I can't believe how great Shawn looks considering what he went through. He has a angel somewhere watching over him. He's smiling!, of course that could be drug induced. Thank you for posting a picture GySgtRet. Our prayers continue.

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    You are partially correct on the drug part. However, in this case he wanted to do this and the smile is a real one. I had to thank him that was my purpose. But Iam going back and it wasn't any trouble at all. The drivers around the beltway were behaving today.

    Semper Fidelis

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    Hey! Sorry i missed you GySgtRet. I was up with shawn from 3;30 am to 8:30 this morning, so when you came to visit i was sleeping. I really wish I could have met you. But Shawn was talking about your visit, and it meant a lot to him. I know he was so touched. He is such an amazing person. He is totally cooperative, trying to do everything he can to get better. I am going to be here at least, this whole weekend. I don't think you will be back here by then...but i will be coming back and forth between seattle to bethesda until my Marine is home! Once again, it chokes me up just knowing how much it meant to him that you REALLY lifted his spirits. I hope to meet you sometime! ~Amanda

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    GySgtRet-God was smiling on you, if they were behaving on the beltway. It isn't too bad of a drive between Stafford and Bethesda. I learned to drive on the beltway, SCARY. It is great that you could visit Shawn.

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    I didn't realize that Shawn would remember me he was in and out of sleeping when I was there today. I was chockedup too. I didn't know what to exspect or even if I would be able to see him but well you know the rest. I was a real honest to goodness visit sort of and funny at times. I will return there is about two weeks or so. I am going to get him some music to listen to. I am sorry that we missed eachother too. I wanted to meet you too. Well, he is a good Marine and is surrounded by people that love him very much I saw that today. The staff of NNMC included. Have a good night and thank you for posting.

    Semper Fidelis

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    Amen to that...!!! But on the way back from Bethesda in Virginia around Newington there was a state patrol car with the blue lights flashing and we had to look at those for a while. The closer to Woodbridge another and you know how that goes. I look at it as doing a service for LCpl Seeley and thanking him. I enjoyed it...!!!

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    hang in there seeley, we are all pullin for ya, Semper Fi

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    Thank you Gunny! You did Good! Well done!

    The young Marine looks very good. I know how it feels to be in a hospital for a year with wounds. It is not so much your wounds that will bother you while you are treated, but the other fellows that will get your attention. Your pain is shared with their pains, and your good spirits are shared as well! It is really terrific to have people that know you come to visit, because it is then that you get to be of a brave face, and this too helps in the recovery.

    Lance Corporal Seeley, I wish you all the good fortune that you will need to make it through your crucible. There will be times you will wish to quit because of the pain, but gut it out kid, the benefits will enrich you beyond what can imagine. I know that does not make any sense to you now, but it will later on. Trust me on this one Marine!

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    There ya go Gunnery, doing the Gun's job. Thanks for the input and the pic!

    Hang in there Seeley, we are covering your six and praying for GOD to take the point on your recovery! I would say that he has answered our request. (Thank you GOD)

    You're looking good Marine.

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    ooorah Gunney you did an outstanding deed today my brother and i salute you Gunney.

    Shawn hang in there brother your gonna win this fight for sure all us here are still praying for ya. Semper Fi

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    I second that Guns. Semper Fi Shawn, and again to all the Marines on this post. You all make me so damn proud to call myself a Marine. I have goosbumps, I'm going to go do some pushups again. OooRah!

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    Just taking care of one of our own. Atleast the best that I can for now.

    Semper Fidelis

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    Thank you, Gunny, for visiting & posting the great picture!! That smile is so reassuring too. From all he went through and will go through during rehabilitation he'll need all the encouragement he can get. Since we are all praying for him & his family I'm sure he'll do his best. Semper Fi, LCpl. Seeley and may God Bless you and all your family.

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