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    Quote Originally Posted by EgressExpert View Post
    Puttin in a package for 0241 Latmove now. Any good info on the process?
    Same traffic, except that I am looking to lat move to 0231. There is a wonderful thread already out concerning the process for initial entry from boot camp to the fleet, but I haven't seen much about the lateral move process from currently enlisted Marines.

    I'd love to hear more about what to expect and any tips to help me out in the process.

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    What is the required score for Intel Specialist?

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    GT 100
    AFQT score of 50
    Eligible for TS clearance
    No drugs or conduct abuse
    US Citizen (no waivers) All member s of immed family must also be US citizens.

    And depending on all other scores and the needs of the the MC, while you are in bootcamp, someone will determine if you are placed as an 02xx or a 26xx. Mine wanted 02 but scored high in electronics so he got 26. He's happy, but is coming up on the end of his 5 year contract and will be getting out.

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    wrong you just need a score in the system if you score high it quals you for a crypto linguist job

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