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    Intel MOS

    My son just enlisted DEP 3 weks ago. He scored high enough on the ASVAB for any enlisted MOS. He was trying to decide between Enlisted Aircrew & Intelligence. He chose Intelligence. Is this a good choice for him? He wants something that help prepare him for a civilian carrer if he decides to not stay in the military. He wants to work towards a college degree while enlisted & finish up with the GI Bill if & when he get out. In Intelligence, what would a "typical" day be like? Also, are Marines in Intel mostly in office settings or field settings? Thanks for your insight into this.

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    Intelligence is the best MOS in the Marine Corps if you ask me, but then again I've never been anything else. As far as preparation for a civilian carrer, the security clearance he will get will be a major asset to him when looking for one. It costs civilian companies thousands of dollars to get an employee a security clearance, and the Marines will give it to him for free (if they deam him worthy). Basically, an Intelligence Specialist's job is to 1. find out about the enemy and 2. to prevent the enemy from finding out about us. He will use computers for a lot of this. Another big part of the job will be to give briefs, usually to officers, and to breif and debreif other Marines on intelligence matters. The setting he will be in will depend a lot on the type of unit and its size. I had the best time of my life in the MOS school tho...its a 12 week school in VA Beach, but he will probably be in hold for a few months more than that. If you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me. Great things lye ahead in this MOS, but remember...the first step is to go to boot camp and BECOME A MARINE. Tell your son good luck. -Lcpl Miller

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    The Intelligence OccFld conducts the collection, processing, and dissemination of intelligence. The specialties within the Intelligence OccFld are analysis, counterintelligence, imagery interpretation, interrogation-translation, and geographic intelligence. Basic qualification requirements include clerical, communication, and computer skills. Intelligence specialists are required to learn and master a variety of analytical and technical skills.

    Formal schooling is mandatory for assignment of an intelligence MOS. Entry-level Marines enter the field in MOS 0231, (Intelligence Specialist) or MOS 0261 (Geographic Intelligence Specialist). Entry into MOS 0211 (Counterintelligence Specialist), 0241 (Imagery Interpreter), or 0251 (Interrogator-Translator) is accomplished by lateral move. Duty assignments vary widely from all levels of the Fleet Marine Force to Joint Staffs, to Unified/Commands.

    Intelligence Marines also have the opportunity to serve in Category "B" billets such as drill instructor, recruiter, and Marine Security Guard duty. Marines entering the OccFld will receive MOS 0200, Basic Intelligence Marines, while participating in On-the-job training (if required) and/or attending formal school.
    All Marines assigned an intelligence MOS must submit a Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) prior to attending formal school. Intelligence MOS Marines must have an adjudicated SSBI to qualify for assignment of one of the primary intelligence MOSs. Intelligence MOSs are assigned and voided only by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (MM) in coordination with the 02 Occupational Field Specialist (C4I) recommendations.

    Primary MOS's

    0211-- Counterintelligence (CI) Specialist

    0231-- Intelligence Specialist

    0241-- Imagery Analysis Specialist

    0251-- Interrogator/Debriefer

    0261-- Geographic Intelligence Specialist

    0291-- Intelligence Chief

    Secondary MOS's (See Note Below)

    0212-- Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Specialist

    Note: A secondary MOS is a "job within a job." It denotes a special skill or training that the Marine holds in addition to the general requirements of his/her Primary MOS.

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    Hoytarcher45 - I'm currently awaiting my ship date (8/24/09), and will be 0231 upon completion of Boot. I'm trying to narrow-down how long I will be away for my MOS training. In your post, you wrote 12-weeks, but also said that you may be "on hold for a few months more than that". Could you explain what you mean by "on hold"? Is this to await your security clearance? I appreciate any information you can help me with.

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    Wow, you really dug this thread up huh?

    He meant that if there aren't enough students to form a whole class, you'll be put on hold until the remaining students show up. It may take a couple weeks or a couple months depending on how many students are still going through bootcamp and MCT.

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    0231Marine - thank you for your response. I also read your long thread about the 0231 MOS, the process, etc - thanks very much for all of the good information.

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    I am beginning the process of making a lat move into 0211. I am a prior service, just came back in after almost ten years out. I got divorced and lost my civilian job, so my credit got a little beat up in the process. My credit isn't horrible, but it's not superb either. How much will this affect my ability to make a lat move to 02? Other than a beat up credit score, I have an impeccable background.

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    i just enlisted in DEP a few weeks ago and im considering going in to intel cuz i know they are very important to the corps and its a great job for your future, but i crave the excitement and physical demand infantry. is there any part of intel that is closely related to infantry and is still very exciting because one thing i dont want is to be stuck behind a desk for 4 years. also, cant i serve in other areas such as drill instructor if the opportunity opens up

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    There are alot of things you need to consider Mousimus. I was in infantry and recon and loved it. Here is the problem, I have absolutely no marketable job skills in the civilian world. I just came back in the Corps after ten years out, and looking back on it, I wish I would have taken better advantage of the opportunities the Marines have.

    So you need to ask yourself, what do you want to do after your first enlistment, i.e. what are your plans for the future?

    What Marine corps jobs line up with future plans in the civilian world? Military job experience is priceless.

    Right now, you may be unsure of your future plans. That's ok, I had no idea what I wanted to do when i was eighteen. Find a job that interests you and one that will give you the ability to knock out some higher education, too.

    To answer your question regarding intel, I don't know. I'm currently going through the screening process right now. From what I understand, the MOS 0211 CI/HUMINT works hand and hand with infantry/recon and Marsoc units among others. So you will be exposed to alot of training and operational commitments of these units as a 0211 Marine. In addition to that, you will have a strong start to a succesfull future with the 02 training under you belt.

    One reality of the intel job, that I have heard is you will also spend countless hours writing reports and reading documents. So, you will spend alot of time stuck behind a desk as well. Yes, you will have the opportunity for a "B" Billet, such as Drill Instructor duty. However, once you are in the intel community there is no moving out of it. So ask around on this site and other external resources.

    The recruiter will tell you what you want to hear, so you sign up. Don't rely on a recruiter for much more than being a paperwork catalyst. I hope this helps.

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    Does anyone know if the DLAB is mandatory to be passed to enter Intel because my recruiter is saying if i dont pass the DLAB that i cant go into Intel. Thanks

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    I didn't have to have it done when I went into Intel but a MARADMIN or Order or something came out that dictates that all Intel Marines need to have a DLAB on the books. I don't know if that would stop you from going in as Intel, but I know that you'll have to take it once you hit the fleet anyway, so you might as well take it before.

    However, you don't need to PASS. Technically, there is no passing score. You need a score of 100 or higher to go linguist, but as long as you have a score on the books, you don't need to have over 100 to be intel. Unless you're a linguist, obviously.


    If your recruiter needs to see the MarAdmin to believe you, it's MARADMIN 0526/09.

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    I was sent down to MEPS a second time to take the DLAB because I was signing onto Intel so it may be required before boot camp, though I'm not really sure. Either way, as soon as I got back to my RS I filled out paperwork for my it.

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    is it true that i can sign on to special forces i.e. SEALs joint operations and force recon and all that through intel? because my recruiter said that. im joining intel and im wondering if its really true that i can attempt force recon

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    There is a vague amount of truth to what your recruiter is telling you. In the event you stay in the intel community for quite some time, this could be an option down the road. From that, I mean once you become a seasoned intel dude years into your career you may be tasked to work with jsoc (joint special ops command). Don't join intel banking on that opportunity though. If you want to get into the seals or force, then take the direct route there, i.e. join the corps on a recon contract of infantry or go into the navy and pass buds. Remember, 99% of recruiters will tell you what you want to hear to get you to sign on the dotted line.

    Don't undermine the distinguishment of having intel on your resume though. It is a highly reputable job even without ever stepping foot in the specops side of the house. Good luck to you.

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    Do you realize this Thread is 5 years old???

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