Attention On Deck!
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    Attention On Deck!

    Attention on Deck!

    The subject is a Marine Corps Ball for those of us with no previous committments.

    I suggest having it at the Slop Shute, Sgt. Pap's Place, or more fittingly at the NOMAD Memorial. If those hallowed halls are already reserved, perhaps we can create another room just for the Ball.

    I don't know how it works, but if the concensus is that the Chat Room would be a better place for our Ball, send me directions and I'll figure out my own transportation and what to do once I get there.

    This will be a No Host party, so BYOB. I'll donate a case of JD, and if my wife starts today, she can have enough lumpia ready for 100 people.

    We'll need a signup sheet, so we'll know how many are coming and what specialty of their wive's they are bringing. Non-cooking singles can just mark TBA (To Be Assigned) next to their names, so they can be requested to bring that which is often forgotten or overlooked. (Bread, butter, condiments, plastic knives, forks, spoons, plates, ice, BOTTLE OPENER, etc. etc. etc.)

    We also need to designate a time that will be convenient for all.

    Once the sign-up sheet is completed, the officers can designate a set-up working party, the Color Guard, Participants in the Cake Ceremony, a working party to tear down and clean up the following day, etc. etc.

    All attendees will be required to provide their own transportation, and a designated driver, if required. Those requiring special attention, please make your needs known in advance.

    The Coordinator Committee is tasked with the responsibility of making this Ball an outstanding success, the envy of all other ball-planners, and evoke sincere regrets from the Commandant, MOH winners, and the long list of VIPs who were not invited to be the guest speaker, or guest of honor at our ball.

    If we do it right, next year, we will be deluged with requests for invitations. (I'm sorry Your Majesty, this gathering is restricted to The Few and The Proud. And if you ain't a Marine, you ain't SHAT tonight.)

    Semper Fi

    So, Are we going to party? Or what?

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    Well 1stSgt, I responded to the other posting just like this in Sgt Pap's Place. Seems no one else cared to. So I'll help bring it up again as the Birthday is getting closer. Yeah, I'll be in the chat room. I have to work that day so I won't be in until about 2300 Mountain Time. Hope to see as many of you as I can. If'n y'all were actually comin over to the house for some suds and cake, I'm sure I could get the wife to whip up some lumpia and pansit. If I told her it was for a 'chat room' get together, she'd look at me like I was nuts. LOL. So, the thought is there.

    Semper Fi all, hope to see ya (if'n ya ain't already got Birthday plans) in the chat room on the 10th.

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    the Slop Shute is

    Always availible for a party, plenty of room, inside and out

    Sgt G.A. Blake

    Marine! the title says it all

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    Since your pretty close 1st sgt. may I suggest the 168 on mag saysay i haven't had lumpia and san magoo since the early 80's. Man now you got me in the old I wish I was back there mood. How is the P.I. these days? I'll just click my boot heels together 3
    x's I wanna go home I wanna go home.
    Well happy birthday marines wherever you are.

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