A Marines' Prayer for a fallen Marine
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    A Marines' Prayer for a fallen Marine

    thought I'll write one from a Marines point of view.


    Dear God

    You see Billy over there?
    Heís been my friend for some time now,
    But now he's gone, but I guess you know that.
    Both he, and I did some crazy things together and I guess it was mostly my fault so don't believe him when he tries to tell you that it was his fault that got us in trouble.

    Why, remember that time, oh, almost forgot whom I was talking to, but you know he wouldn't hurt anyone that didnít need a good licking and he fought for what was right.
    He fought next to me, and wasn't afraid of anything, so if you need a good pointman up there Billy will do you good.

    He's always been respectful, he only chewed tobacco, drank when we all drank and chased women but he always said, you put women on this here earth for Marines, so you can't blame him none to much for that.

    He's dead now, but you know that. He did good, much more good then bad, when he was alive. I don't know whoís gona tell his kinfolks, but they knew he joined the Marine's because he wanted to be the best, and wanted to protect our country from harm. He did his best. His country ought to be proud of him; you ought to be proud of him. Maybe throw him a parade up there, he would like that, except if you make him shine his brass before the parade, but heíll do it, if you ask him to. You might have to pull rank a little.

    I only wished it would have been me instead, but I'm sure if he was here he would be telling you the same thing about me. But that's the way it is in the Corps, but you know that.

    Take care of him up there; he really likes peaches and pound cake. He was a good friend a good Marine and I'm gona miss him.

    Tell him I'll visit his folks as soon as I can, so I can tell them how he died in my place today.

    Lord, I hope you forgive him for all the bad things he did in life, if I had to do it all over again, I don't know if we wouldn't do it all over again, you know how it is when two jarheads get together, canít blame us much after that. We had lots of fun and if you don't mind can you reserve a place up there next to where he's going to live so when its my time I can live close by?
    I promise we won't tear up the place none, well not too much, but heck I've seen in your book how you're a warrior yourself, so I guess you got one up there now that's a lot like you in that respect. Treat him good, you saw the way he fought and the way he died.

    He believed in you and now he's there at your side, and if you need to, get him to police up the area up there, he's good at that. Just donít tell him it was I that suggested it; he wonít forgive me for that one.

    He always stayed awake during guard duty so you might think of having him stand watch at the Golden gate if you like. But he might try not to let any swabbie in, so youíll need to talk to him about that. And when women show up, you might need to talk to him about that too, but heíll follow orders, if you tell him what he can and canít do.

    Well, thanks for listening. I know you'll do good for him.


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    I wish that everyone would learn that a simple monologue from the heart means more to our Creator than a million Hail Marys or Our Fathers.

    And it's a two-way street. When one puts ones own feelings into words, it is much more meaningful and satisfying than merely to lip synck someone else's archaic prose.

    Semper Fi

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