Ann Coulter For Supreme Court
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    Cool Ann Coulter For Supreme Court

    Courtesy of Mark aka The Fontman
    Ann Coulter For Supreme Court (Vanity)
    Posted on 07/02/2005

    Not my idea, but I wish it were. Read a blurb recently that Bush should consider Ann Coulter for several reasons:

    1. She's young and would sit on the Court for many a year.

    2. She's considered so radical by many left-wingers that anyone nominated after her would be considered moderate.

    3. She's infinitely qualified. (J.D., clerked for the Court previously, Constitutional scholar)

    4. She's far better looking than anyone else currently on the court.

    5. Her opinions are clear and concise, with little to no wiggle room.


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    She's infinitely qualified.
    That's just tooo much of a stretch for me.

    Justice O'Conner was a previously unknown, hidden away in Arizona. President Reagan was brilliant in calling her up. A good track record, but nothing that any opposition could really bite on to gripe about.

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    Coulter is just a partisan pundit. That only qualifies her as a divider.

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